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Finasteride Dosage

Hey Guys,

I am looking at running Finasteride to help stop/reverse if possible some hairloss.

If anyone can make some recommendations as to dose it would be greatly appreciated.

If you don’t wanna post please send me a PM.



i use avodart (dutasteride) its faster acting 2 weeks as opposed to 3 months and more effective…

anecdotally, people use and see good results from 1mg ED from what ive read in people’s logs, which is just one propecia pill, or a fifth of a proscar.

however, i’ve also read much about some serious side effects that some men have been experiencing, even after discontinuing the drug. propeciahelp.com is making me reconsider using finasteride (i haven’t tried it yet).

according to this study, ( http://www.physics.upenn.edu/facultyinfo/frankel/papers/propeciafda2/index.html ) finasteride has a flat dose response, so .05mg has almost the same effect on DHT as 1mg, or even as much as 5mg. so perhaps i might take the lowest possible dose in hopes of having the same effect on the hair, while minimizing sides, if it works like that. or i might opt for dutasteride as entouragevip suggested, and/or minoxidil, i’m still in the process of researching.

Loss of sex drive and ED are two of the “nasty” side effects with finesteride, but not everybody gets them. I took 1mg/day for a couple of months, (w/o side effects) and did get some of my hair back too, but I tested way below the testing range low number and my doctor suggested I cut back on my dosage from 1mg/day to .20mg/day. It will be another couple of months before I know if I start losing my hair again…

Finasteride is often dosed at 1mg/day, but it can be dosed higher. Proscar is a 5 mg tab. It seems to be a well tolerated drug for the most part, loss of sex drive aside. I haven’t heard about the discontinuation side effects mentioned above, but I haven’t really bothered to look really deep into it.

That gives an outline of structure, dosage, clinical trials, side effects, etc. Nice site.

Hey I agree with the dosing but heres another side effect, Gynecomastia… Look it up, its a real problem for some people.

I stopped taking it back during Christmas of 2007 and have had no lessening of the gyno, although I am on another med called Sustiva that may cause it too. Very low body fat and in great shape so its most likely one of these drugs. I looked up both and they both list gyno as a potential problem.

Still looking for ways to fix my gyno, right now doc gave me DHT (andractim) gel but I do not have much faith in that. L

My plan “B” will be Letrozole or Arimitex or even Tamoxifen… not sure whats gonna happen. If anyone has any experiance with this let me know

I took propecia for about two years, 1mg day, from age 20-22 because I thought I was losing my hair. Didn’t notice any sides til about the second year when I started to get some of the sexual side effects- that’s when I stopped taking it. I was told by my dermatologist that sexual side effects were in less than 1% of men…but that appears to be a vastly under-estimated number.

You can run it for awhile, probably won’t notice anything til towards the end of the second month- it’s about $70 a month now. If you start to get side effects (not saying you will) you can always just stop taking it. It’s quite a conundrum though- would you rather bang chicks or have hair?