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Finasteride and Gear

G’day Guys
I take Propecia and recently read that you shouldnt take Deca with Propecia as its possibly bad for your hairline. Coming from a long line of slap heads i want to avoid hairloss which is why my 2nd cycle will consist of Primo stacked with T-bol. Im not after huge gains, if i walk away with another 5kgs ill be more than happy.

I’ve never taken Deca but does anyone have any reliable info on finasterides interaction with other steroids such as primo?
Ive seen tidbits on the net saying perhaps i should stop taking propecia during such a cycle.
Any ideas?

O.k. bottom line is if you have the gene for Male pattern hairloss, and you do steroids, you just as well might shave your head now.

Finasteride will block dht which is the ‘causative agent’ that kicks your genes into gear, however it won’t block 100% of the dht, so eventually you will go bald anyway. The more finasteride you use, you will begin to experience a sluggish libido as dehydrotestosterone is the drive behind your sex drive. Blocking it with finasteride, will inturn decrease your sex drive.

Now on a cycle, of course the more finasteride you use, the less results you will obtain on a cycle, as you see the two are couterproductive to one another.

And as for your choice of Primobolan, it is one of your worst you could choose as it does convert to dht. Nandrolone doesn’t, hence the reasons for ‘deca dick’.

But of course if you use deca and finasteride concurently, you can be sure you’ll be unable to achieve an erection. S

So in the end, what is the use of having full head of hair, if you can’t capitalize on it in the bed room? -

[of course I am just assuming that is the primary reason you are worried of hair loss, as I have never lost a strand of hair that never grew back myself.]

So basically you have a choice to make - you want to be bigger and bald, or stay the same and have hair a little longer?

Damnit prisoner 22, u have to lay everything out so well… I have only been here a couple of years, but I am happy to see posts on here from you again…

Ok, I know this thread is old, but I prefer to add info rather than having seven threads on the same subject.

I have researched throughout the site and found the most “expert” opionons on finasteride use to prevent accelerated hairloss while on AAS.

Genetic makeup determines if hair follicles are sensitive to the DHT hormone (dihydrotestosterone), causing them to shrink. This “shrinkage” results in overall thinning hair with time. Finasteride acts by stopping the formation of Dihydrotestosterone.

Finasteride is an 5AR enzyme inhibitor, and if i am correct AAS covert to DHT through this manner.

Here are a few educated opionons I have found:

Cy wrote

"Psychological issues could be argued but the issue of an effect upon body composition has already been answered pretty thoroughly, within the literature, though I still see the topic discussed widely on the Internet. Skeletal muscle possesses little to no 5 alpha-reductase activity (unlike tissues such as the prostate and scalp as you’re concerned with) and thus the idea that a 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor is going to have a negative impact is unlikely. This is a good reminder to always consider the effects upon the tissue and not simply in serum.

In support of this, when administering finasteride and testosterone concurrently in men, they’ve found that there was no significant difference in terms of an effect upon body composition in those receiving testosterone versus testosterone and finasteride.
(J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2005 Mar;90(3):1502-10) Along those same lines, the general consensus from the available data is that finasteride only has a minimal effect upon libido, strength, fertility, etc.

Just for the sake of discussion, the increase in testosterone seen with finasteride could be one of two things and I’ve seen authors hypothesize both. One is that since you’re inhibiting 5 alpha-reductase, you’re preventing the normal 5 alpha-reduction of endogenous testosterone and thus you’re going to have a higher circulating amount. The other is that by inhibiting 5 alpha-reductase in the brain, you’re allowing for a lesser degree of androgenic negative feedback, thus increasing endogenous testosterone production. In any event, in clinical studies, you don’t always see an increase in testosterone, and I do remember in one, it only lasted a short time before returning to baseline.

If it were me, hopefully now that my concerns about body composition were not as great, I’d at least give it a try. Even in those who have found that it caused depression, it generally dissipates upon cessation of use. I would also however, have a thorough discussion, if you decide to use it, with your physician about the possibility for gynecomastia and monitoring for it and any other potential side effects. "

Gang of Five answeared this same question with…

“We love this question! The reason that we love it is that we have almost perfected an over-the-counter topical hair loss solution utilizing a three pronged approach that starts working in 12 weeks. While working on this formula, we have subsequently become well versed about hormone-induced hair loss. The reason for the hair loss that you have described is likely multifactorial but we will address the DHT aspect of your hair loss.
Without admitting to having actually experimented with finasteride ( Proscar ) myself, let us just say that it is a very interesting drug. Your hair is likely falling out, in part, secondary to the elevation of DHT that occurs when serum androgens are elevated. Your hypothesis about androstenedione and DHEA being the culprits is probably right on the money. Believe it or not, so is your solution.
Using finasteride to combat this type of DHT elevation is a very intelligent and simple method of hair loss minimization. You will not “counter” the androgens used to gain muscle nor will there be any negative “biochemical stuff” occurring as a result of finasteride administration. There are even studies that suggest that finasteride use in the 5mg per day range will increase your endogenous testosterone levels. We can’t guarantee a complete remission of your hair loss but your idea will work better than any other out there (except for mine, of course). Keep on training and keep on thinking”

I am still in the planning/research phase of my first cycle and this is another check in the box.

So my question is this… What has been some of your experiences with finasteride while on AAS?

Finasteride is generally given in 1mg daily doses. Would you recommend upping the dose while on AAS?

Thanks for any input.

Come on, surely one person here has taken finasteride while on AAS and has an opionon about it.

I’ve always used it with my cycles so I really don’t know what the difference would be. My hair was thinning a little near the top of my scalp and proscar is so cheap that to me it was a no-brainer. I break the 5mg procar tabs into thirds and take one per day. One thing i can say is I haven’t lost anymore hair(knock on wood). I was taking Fina with Winny and Dbol, then Sust. with Fina and Dbol, etc. So the stuff I used was pretty harsh on the hairline. I did a light cycle of deca when I was younger and never took any and had no problems. Really, I made great gains with all my cycles but my libido didn’t get as crazy as I thought it would so there may be something too that…but hell I’m married…so maybe thats a good thing…lol.

I’ve used finasteride for a few years now. In my opinion its kept me from losing more hair but hasn’t helped regrow hair but this is while on AAS. I started taking it b/c in about 1 month of an anadrol/suspension cycle (yes -nasty) my hair began falling out rapidly… it was either the cycle or stress from getting hitched.

Anyway, I’ve had no substantial hairloss since despite continual and varied cycles. Avodart is a better choice they say. Eventually, when I’m older and I can take gene therapy for instant muscle… i’ll just get a damn hair transplant.

Side effects for me always included a sleeping giant and no interest. but you can easily combat this with proviron or test of any kind… i think i have a couple bottles of cialis around here somewhere but never had to use them.

From: The Juicer’s SAT, T-mag presents the Steroid Aptitude Test,by Cy Willson


  1. This is sort of a trick question because some do and some don’t. One could initially state that only androgens which 5 alpha reduce and/or those that bind avidly to the androgen receptor can cause androgenic alopecia. However, we all know that isn?t necessarily the case. We can?t simply say that only those androgens which bind avidly to the AR cause alopecia as there are quite a few steroids that do, yet don?t seem to have much of a negative effect on the hairline. Along the same lines, nandrolone 5-alpha reduces in the scalp but to a less androgenic compound, 5 alpha-dihydronandrolone (DHN), and thus it ends having a rather mild effect on the hairline. This is also why one shouldn?t use finasteride with any nandrolone product as it?ll actually increase the likelihood of experiencing androgen alopecia.

So with that being said, we?re forced to rely more on anecdotal evidence. Methenolone, stanozolol, nandrolone, oxandrolone and Testosterone (when used with finasteride) all seem to have a mild effect on the hairline. Trenbolone, methandrostenolone (this is variable) and in some people even stanozolol, seem to cause quite a bit of alopecia.