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I’ve mixed 2 grams of TA into my Nandrosol. This yields 83 mg of TA in 70 sprays with approximately 25 mg at a 30% absorption rate. My question is, what is the half life of TA? If I do 70 sprays twice a day, will I build up a functional blood level, or do I simply need to add another 2 grams to the Nanadrosol and do 70 sprays in the morning with TA and 70 sprays in the p.m. of plain Nandrosol. Many thanks.

Trenbolone acetate applied to the surface
of the skin is converted to free trenbolone
by the time it reaches the viable epidermis
or the bloodstream. So it’s not the half-life
of trenbolone acetate (which might be a day
or two) but trenbolone, which is probably
a matter of hours or less.

You would definitely want to spray at least
twice per day: you will not get sustained
blood levels after the TA layer is exhausted
from the surface of the skin. TA seems to
be absorbed faster than 4-AD, so while
4-AD still gives much-increased blood levels
even at 16 hours, TA may last only 8-12
hours, given a reasonable coat (8 hours
for a fine coat, perhaps 12 hours, I don’t
guarantee it, for a kinda-thick coat that
is still thin enough to dry well and leave
little apparent residue.)

Many thanks for your response, Bill.