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How many pellets do you disolve in the androsol for a two week cycle of finasol.

The consensus is 100 crushed pellets per 8oz bottle. You’ll need slightly more than one bottle if you’re doing 70 sprays twice a day.

What are these pellets? Where can I read more information about them? And where do you get them??


apparently chris is new here, please use the f&*%$#@ search engine

I know this was not directed towards me, but
Just to let you know, I have never been able to get the search engine to work. It always kicks me into a “post new message” screen. I have told t-mag about it but they nevr responed.

Ripped, to do a search by either subject or author, type the appropriate word in the space provided and then place your pointer on the “tab” (either Subject or Author) to the left and click. You were probably looking for the “finger” to show up which does when you get near the “Post New Message” area.

I was confused by this at first but I’ve done tons of searches by this point with no problem.