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Please could someone tell me how to make finasol? I have 3 bottles of Androsol and have ordered finaplix. How Much do I need?

Try search by subject - finasol


this has been discussed so many times already. you will not get an answer to this question. do some workn on your own. its all out there on the site

True, the info is out there, but it’s kind of spread out. Brock’s “Strasseroids” columns are your best bet, plus a search of this forum. Brock dedicated almost a whole column to Finasol for paper issue #4 of T-mag. I may reprint one of his “recipes” here with his permission. But I don’t want to give away too much; that might dissuade some people from subscribing and of course, we’d like for everyone to subscribe and become VIPs. Brock? Want me to post your newest Finasol recipe?

I would be grateful because I have searched but it’s all over the place and I use a work computer which the management can look into so i have very limited time. Bodybuilders stick together, right

Hey Aaron, I’m also in England and I wondered whether you got your Finaplix over the net from the States, or whether you’ve actually got cows or something??? Bearing in mind the way steroids have been de-criminalised over here, I’m a bit hesitant about importing moo gear when I can get the human version locally without the fear of the law or HM Customs & Excise knocking on my door. Can’t get injectable “human” fina though of course which is why I’m thinking about the Finaplix.