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I got my Finaplix-H today and i’m a little confused. Yes I have looked threw the arcives. It came in a square hard plastic container witch has 10 tubes and in each tube there are 10 pellets. I have heard to use 2 cartridges as 4 grams, does that mean 2 tubes or 2 of the entire package. Also it arrives with an ice pack, does it need to stay cold. Thanks for the help guys.

The whole thing, all ten ‘tubes’ is 2 grams. It oxidizes at somethign over 90 degrees if my memory serves me right, so you will want to keep it cold.

Each pellet is 20mg of TA. 10 pellets / column equaling 200mg/column(tube). Therefore with 10 columns/tubes per pkg you would need to use the entire package for 2 grams of TA. Two entire packages for 4 grams. Hope this helps.

Thanks guys.