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Finasol & Tribex instead of Clomid

I just got my new Testosterone Magazine and saw a good article on making Finasol. My question is about the possibility of Gyno and the use of Clomid or HCG. In a answer given in Strasseroids, it is suggested that Tribex 500 could be used instead of Clomid or HCG. My question is what would be the correct dosage if I use Tribex 500, and what would be a good on and off cycle to take. I have no previous experience with gyno, and I would just want to know how safe this will be. Thanks all for any input or suggestions.

Use Clomid or HCG. Don’t take a chance.

I think if you do a two week cycle Tribex is fine for keeping the testicles working, probably good enough for three weeks too. Clomid is an ok anti-estrogen, I have never needed anything more, if your not prone to gyno you probably don’t need it. CLomid is great for keeping testicular function. HCG will help your nuts recover, but if anything will cause gyno.

I am in no way a chemist or a physician. I only have a very rudimentary understanding of how these items work, but I have used everyone of them personally.

I’ve done 3 cycles of finasol at 3 weeks on 4 weeks off using tribex through out,with a day or two every 2 to 3 weeks off.I have had no problems whatsoever.