finasol to androsol

Gents, what’s the best way to add finaplix to andro…I used a mortar and pestle, ground it up, and then added it in to a bottle of androsol…but I can still see the flecks of finaplix in the androsol. Also, does anyone know if finaplix/finasol/finanorandrosol will raise blood pressure?

The best way to prepare Finasol is to add 2 grams of Finaplix to 80ml of %100 isopropyl alcohol in a glass container of metal bowl and let the solution dissolve, then pour into an empty Androsol spray bottle. All of the glue and binders will settle to the bottom of the bowl.

just curious is primo depot solouble in androsol, and can this be a way to administer it effectively?