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Finasol Storage

I know, I know, not ANOTHER Finasol question! One of the only things that I have not seen addressed is the storage criteria once the solution is complete and ready to apply. I know that the manufacturers recommend that both Finaplix-H and Component T-H be maintained at less than 47 degrees (in pellet form). Should I, therefore, keep the finished solution in the fridge as well? Thanks all, and have a great New Year! I am cause I’m a KSU Cat’s fan and they’re leading the Cotton Bowl (half-time)!

I think Brock or Bill said that once you make Finasol, you don’t have to fridge it unless you’re not going to use it for a few months. I’d at least it keep it in a dark closet. That’s what I do.

Thanks Cowboy, I was hoping everyone didn’t keep it in the fridge…sounds like a cold spray event early in the morning :slight_smile:

Yes, if you are not going to be using
the stuff for say a month or more, you
should put Finasol in the refrigerator
or better yet the freezer. The same is
true for oil solutions of TA. But the
actual amount currently being used over
the next few weeks can be kept at room
temperature. Freezing, or chilling, is
just a way of extending the shelf life,
but the shelf life is (at least for an oil
solution) well more than a month at room temperature.