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Finasol Results

Two weeks after finasol/androsol stack:I have not lost any weight gained (went from 162-170)and my strength gains still remain. Next stack I will combine finasol/androsol/nandrosol for 2-3 weeks.

Kept everything too, except the hairline did creep back a little :frowning:
Nizorol on the way. Will also use clomid after next time.

You used 15 sprays 2x daily right?

Yes I used 14 sprays twice daily. Have been using Proscar so the hairline has remained. Have clomid but will only use if I pass the two week barrier. The only thing I dislike about finasol is the noxious odor.

I’ve been wanting to try Finasol for a while now, but I cannot find the “formula” for it anywhere on the previous issues sections. How many pellets (or milligrams) are you dropping in for each bottle of androsol? Based on these milligrams, how many sprays are you using? Thanks in advance.