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Finasol question

I’ve searched through the magazine and forum trying to find some answers first, so don’t call me a bonehead just yet. I’m interested in the finaplix/nandrosol “finasol” mix but can only find references to it in passing. My question is how much of the finaplix do you use per bottle of the topical spray, and is it as simple as dumping it in the bottle or are there extra steps? Like I said, I’m looking for more info on the site so don’t kick my ass just yet if it’s some super obvious info.

Hey Bonehead!

Just kidding, Mr me fantastic, I know where your at, a lot of times I know something is on the syte and I spend hours looking for it, but just can't find it (there's a damn lot of info). So I'm just posting to say I also wanted to post that question but was afraid of being flamed for it.  Brock or Bill help!

OK. This has been posted several times but here it is again. You take 4 grams of finaplix pellets, crush them, (if possible) and place in 80 mls of isopropyl alcohol, 99% if possible but 91% will work too. Let dissolve for a couple of days and decant (pour off liquid) leaving solids behind. You may want to filter thru a coffee filter to help with solids removal. This mixture can be stacked with Androsol using 10-15 sprays of finasol with remaining sprays of Androsol. If you have an old Androsol bottle laying around you can use this to apply the fina in a measured amount. You can also use 80 mls of Androsol as the source of 99% isopropyl alcohol if desired.