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Finasol Problems

What if a person added 80 ml of Androsol to 4g finaplix and after shaking and dissolving and sitting for approx. 6 hours, the solution is still yellow brown? Is it worth anything? Should the dosage be increased?

Oh, the solution is guaranteed to be yellow-brown because you have no way (short of a method such as column chromatography which is totally impractical) to remove all or in this case any of the binders which are yellow/brown,
or any oxidized TA. This is also true with injection kits being sold. It’s something you’d have to live with, you will be spraying the binders on yourself as well. Basically a lot of guys have been taking in the binders and apparently no
major issues, certainly isn’t instant death or anything.
I do wish I knew what they were though, then a more sound judgment could be made than just the observation that
people are basically getting away with it.

I had read that TA was clear in solution. If the TA was refrigerated and still in date, then I was wondering what was up with the color. Thanks for the help…

Yes, as TA approaches absolute purity it approaches absolute colorlessness, but (with extremely rare exception) none of the stuff out there being made from Finaplix has that degree of purity and is yellow or even yellow/brown due mostly to the binders but also to oxidized TA.