I am a little unfamilair with finaplex but I am going to try it with some nandrosol. Do the pellets disolve in the nandrosol or do I have to grind them up first. I am using the nandrosol because REAL deca is so hard to find so I will give nandrosol a try. How many tablets do I put in the bottle. By the way looking forward to the upcoming seminar-all signed up

Sounds like you’re confusing Nandrosol and N-17E, which isn’t available yet. As for the rest, use the magic search engines.

They will dissolve but it is best to grind them up first. Put them in Androsol, you will want to use two carts - (two, whole plastic cartridges or 400 pellets - or with comp. just one cart or 200 pellets). Keep the bottle in your fridge or dark cool place and shake once or twice a day, when dissolved pour into another andro bottle saving any residue for next batch. Hope this helps.