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Finasol Help PLEASE!!!

Well, i think I have a basic understanding of how to MAKE Finasol…put the Finaplix-H pellets into 80 ml of an isopropyl alcohol (in my case Androsol), let it dissolve and then pour the solution into an empty androsol bottle and spray 7-14 sprays twice a day. Here’s my problem…how MANY pellets do i need to purchase? i know i need 4 grams worth, but what is 4 grams worth of pellets? I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me. Thank you.

Check out the search engine on the forum, all kinds of info about it.

20mg of TA per pellet, 10 pellets per cartridge (at about $30 per cartridge)

4g would be 2 cartridges–into 80ml androsol.Also, do 2 applications of 14 sprays the FIRST day to get levels up right away-that’s 28 sprays the first day.Good Luck!