finasol / dmso

Alright, here is kind of a fucked up question… first, how thick of a liquid is dmso? my line of thinking is that i could add a small enough amount to my bottle of finasol to increase absorbtion, but not to catch a whole lot of the dragon breath thing or make it so it cannot be applied. currently i have a bottle of finasol mixed 4g/240mL that i plan on spraying 50 sprays 2x/day. could i add a little bit of dmso so i could spray maybe 50-60 sprays and get better results? or would the solution be too thick? probably a stupid question, but i haven’t had experience with dmso and am just wondering if this would be feasible. thanx. --rush7

I think Bill R. has answered that before. Can’t remember the details, but the answer was basically, “That won’t work and isn’t any better than plain Finasol anyway.”

it seems like i have heard Bill state that there is a chance that the dmso might be able to sneak the trenbolone acetate past the enzyme that strips the ester from the steroid. this would make it last for a potentially much longer time (although i have never run across any data on the half-life of straight tren versus tren acetate). my theory is that maybe a small amount of dmso could shuttle still esterified tren inward while the isopropanol base could still keep blood levels of the prohormone and tren elevated for an extended duration. obviously dmso would be not needed with straight androsol because the rate of flux would be so great that all of the 4-AD would be into the system in much less time, requiring reapplication. also, there would be no need to sneak 4-AD past any enzymes because it is not esterified (until Brock fixes this). but with tren, if there is a way to use dmso in a way to make it more efficient, while not using enough dmso to experience a great amount of side effects (also being sure to buy mentos by the pound), this just might be an idea. either way i’ll probably try this anyway just because i’m a stubborn idiot (there, i admitted it) and i’ll only eat 7 bucks for trying it. and even if it doesn’t work, i’ll still be able to use it as the solvent which it was intended.

If the DMSO is heavily diluted with alcohol,
as you plan, then it would not get the ester
past the esterase enzymes: you’d basically
have an system pretty similar to alcohol-only.
You would not get higher percentage delivery,
there is no advantage to making the duration
shorter (if it does make it shorter), so I
don’t know why one would want to do this. It
also might interfere with the formation of
the tightly-skin-bonded film of 4-AD though
maybe it wouldn’t (I’d bet it did though.)