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Finasol-Dbol-Winstrol 2week cycle

I am getting ready to start a 2 week cycle of finasol 150mg ED, and oral winstrol and dianabol. The winny and dbol are 50mg tabs and I have plenty. What would be the optimal amount to take and not screw up my liver? I was first thinking either doing 50mg of one or the other during the 2 weeks and saving the other. And I also entertained doing 25mg ED of each. But now I may go for 50mg of each daily, or perhaps 25/50, dbol/winny. And yes I have plenty of clomid, nolvadex and milk thistle. Is 100mg of 17aa AS ED too much? If it is what should I do? THANKS GUYS!

cut dbol up in 1/4 this will give you approx.
12.5 @ every 4-4.5 hours-- b/c or half life–winstrol toward end or do fin and dbol—i dont think 2 weeks is good though try at least 6wks- like this dbol( i know this sound high)100mg ed 1wk 50mg ed2-4wk 25mg ed5-6thwk—win–1stwk25mg ed 50mg ed 2-4wk–5-6wk 100mg ed last day 100-300 clomid then 50mg ed for 2wks–
keep nolv on hand for gyno symptoms—sounds like this is your first cycle --make sure your diet is right —and please read everything you can get your hands on you must be knowledgable—peace lg1

forgot to tell you do take your milk thistle-if thats what you have --during and after–cranberry pills also for kidneys lg1

Thanks for your response, but I am definitely just going for 2 weeks. Yes it is my first cycle which greatly contributes to wanting to keep it almost mild, however I have decided not to make it mild doses but shorter duration. I have been hanging around all the boards for almost 5 monthes now and I have learned a ton. Any one esle have any opinions on what I should do?

If your concerned with gyno, I would take the winstrol, 50mg per day (1/4 tab 4x). Since neither winstrol or fina aromatise, anti estrogens would not be needed during the cycle, but clomid after would be a good idea.
You could even continue with the winny in week three, taking 1/2 tab first thing in the morning and the other half by noon. This would help keep your gains without affecting your natural testosterone production. I think this would be a great cycle and I would do it myself if it were legal. Just my oppinion, hope this helps. MS