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Finasol cycle questions

  1. How long should a Finasol cycle last, would 2 on/4 off be best?

  2. Would the glues and binders in Finaplex tablets still get into your system using the transdermal spray-on method?

  3. Would there be any benefit to including Anavar in a cycle with Finasol?

Just what i was thinking. Somebody please answer (especially the part about the glue and binders.)

Come on guys - any answers out there? I hate to request Bill or Brock in my question after the recent backlash, but if you don’t nobody answers.

You would still be applying the glue (binders) but not the fillers (sandy material) since you’d have let the solution
settle, having mixed it in another bottle, and then poured
off only the clear solution, leaving the fillers behind.
(You would save the residual material at the bottom and
wash it with alcohol or Androsol next time around, then
pour off again, as your next source of alcohol… this
way residual TA is recovered.)

Oxandrolone (Anavar) is a Class I steroid and way more
expensive than Finaplix, so I wouldn’t stack it. You
would not notice the difference even when using a
very expensive amount of it.

Two on / four off could be “best” if you have longer
term planning… if you want to be in your best possible
shape a date that is 8 weeks from now, an 8 week cycle
will give you better results on that date.

Thanks Bill I knew you’d come through for me. Just a clarification on the glue question - would it likely get into your system transdermally or just sit there on your skin? If if does get into your system, could it cause any problems?

The glue probably does not get through the skin as easily
as the TA does, since it has less lipid solubility though
if it has more water solubility (neither the TA nor the
glue is very water soluble) then that might counterbalance
the low lipid solubility. I would figure a substantial
amount will get through the skin.

Since I don’t know what the glue is and no one in bb’ing
seems to know, I can’t give any info on whether it is safe
in large quantities (much more than is used in cattle)
or not. People seem to be getting away with it.