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finasol/androsol/norandrosol stack

How would a stack of Androsol/Norandrosol/and Finasol work? What would be the best protocol to combine all three for maximum results?


I think this is getting a little tricky, stacking all three. I do like stacks of three where one of the items is Winstrol and the
other two are another Class II and a Class I.
And a stack of three can also be good where
the third one is testosterone. But other than that, so far as I can tell, you’re just duplicating activities when you have three items.

Basically, if you’re already stacking Androsol and Finasol, you’re getting plenty of androgen to the hair and skin anyway so what’s the point of Nandrosol? OK, still cuts the side effects back slightly but probably you won’t notice the difference.

It’s a known fact (in the scientific literature) that testosterone has at least one biological activity (besides those resulting from aromatization or reduction) that trenbolone doesn’t have. I don’t know if N
has that property. So, especially considering
that since you’re using Fina you probably want max gains, I’d make Androsol the choice here.

Bill, the part about winstrol + another type II interested me. I am a powerlifter (non-tested) who has used androsol + finasol with good results. I am currently planning a cycle with Winstrol and Finasol. Would adding Dianabol to the mix be of any benifit (or using androsol also). I was going to use 14 sprays finasol twice daily + about 100mg oral winny on a two-on three-off schedule. Would cutting the Winny to 60mg and adding 40mg Dianabol work better? I know the Dianabol might require clomid use…

I didn’t notice any noticeable benefit from adding 50 mg/day Dianabol to Androsol or a stack that included Androsol. I suppose this is the same thing as where if you are already taking a good amount of Dianabol, taking more really isn’t noticeable. So I would use either Androsol or Dianabol, not both, and I wouldn’t cut the Winstrol.