Finasol and Sust-250

I am 30 yrs old, 260 lbs with approximately 14%bf I would like to improve my composition. So this would mostly be a cutting cycle. I was thinking about doing a 4 week cycle:
finasol 10 sprays twice a day
250 mg of sust 250 per week
week 5 100 mg clomid
week 6 50 mg clomid
Or would I be better of doing 8 week sust and only do 4 weeks of finasol?
Would I have to worry about gyno at all?
Would finasol and sust-250 be a good stack?
What about T-17e and finasol when it comes out?
What side effects should I watch out for on this?

Also would it be advisable to add T-3 during the cycle. Some have said after, some say during.

Any suggestions or comments?

I would do the t3 with the cycle since it is
very catabolic.
What is finasol???

Finasol is finaplix or trenbolene acetate and androsol. Do a search and you can see how to make it. I used component-h I believe. Any other help on this?