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Finasol and Isopropyl Alcohol

I’ve researced the archives and gotten the info on how to make Finasol. I’ve ordered the Finaplix pellets also. However, I’ve haven’t gotten a hold of the 100% isopropyl alcohol that’s needed. Does anybody have a source for this? I apologize if this is an ignorant question. I think I have found an on-line source, but would like to buy it in person if possible.

i don’t know where to get it except on the web. look up 1,4 butanediol under subject on this site and my directions to finding this site are there. you can find any chemical you can think of , any grade, for really cheap.

You can just use Androsol, and since the 240 mL will make
many weeks worth of Finasol, it’s not that expensive. You need the sprayer anyway… most sprayers are not as good
for the purpose. The 4-AD won’t interfere with the delivery of the TA.