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finasol and bloat

Is there a way to take finasol without bloating up. I am trying to stay lean while gaining strength and the only steroid that I am willing to take is finasol because of the legalities. If I can’t do it without bloating up, I was thinking about taking a prohormone. Does the 4-ad in mag-10 cause water retention as well?

Thanks in advance,

all aas will cause some water retention, although to different degrees. fina doesnt cause much at all, why not inject the tren? if your concerned with legality just go with 4ad or mag10. why is the bloat such a concern? you will lose the water in a few days post cycle anyway.

ummm tren is a steroid. actually king of the steroids. it is every bit as illegal as any other steroid or narcotic.

You will not “bloat” on finasol. You won’t “bloat” an (most)any steriod if your diet is proper. You need to do more research B4 going off half-cocked.