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I need help finding a good Finaplix conversion kit. I had a friend that ordered a kit for himself and the quality and packaging were crap. You can PM me with the name. Also, has anyone had any good results grinding it up mixing it with DMSO and using it as a cream? I am going to stack it with Winstrol.


I just inject 1ml in my arse Intramuscular every other day. I dont rub it on the skin or snort it or anything .....


True, that grind it & rub it wastes alot of tren and at best only 50% absorbed. Plus w/ transdermals the drug is slammed into ur bloodstream all at once instead of slowly released like a IM injection.


I hate to do this...it's kind of awkward when I post a contradiction to what someone else says....but....I'm not trying to be a total dick....

Even the best transdermal systems only boast a 10% absorbtion rate. And in addition, they have the most even dispersal rate out of any delivery system, with the least peaks and valleys in blood plasma level.


U mean transdermals deliver a more even dispersal of drug than IMs? NO way, unless that drug in question has a L O N G half life. Transdermals put in all in once, IMs deliver the drug injected over a much slower time period due to the drug leaching out from the pocket deep w/in the muscle.

Maybe I just misuderstood what U said.


I guess I put in to much info. I was really only looking for a good conversion kit source to make the finaplix into an injectable.


Thanks for the PM. My christmas gifts are on the way.