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I have looked into a Finaplix-Tren conversion, I am a little unclear on the yield. I saw some simple instructions using 2 Finaplix cartridges (20 tabs) and 1 4g kit. What is the yield a newbie will get from this one kit? Not a newbie in the “I’ll screw this conversion up”, but a newbie relative to dosage. I’m assuming the experienced folks will read between the lines here and hopefully provide some good info.


if you have two carts you should go with the 2g kit. that will get you a 100mg/ml solution from most kits.

Maybe a better question is to ask if there is a mg to mg conversion. Is any lost in the conversion process?

well yeah your gonna lose a minor amount. nothing to worry over though.

Thinking about going the finaplix route but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about the pain of having to inject every day. I’ve heard that the shots are fairly painful relative to other injectables because of the high alcohol content. Would someone like to insult my man-hood and tell me I’m being a wuss or confirm that its a process akin being butt-fucked by a mountain gorilla?

the pain from the BA will differ depending on several things involved in the conversion process. honestly i never had a problem with my own tren. if it is a problem simply cut it with usp oil. as far as daily shots go. it seems a little intimidating at first i know. but, trust me. once you get your first couple shots out of the way its gets very easy. most of the pain is just the pin prick at the skin level. you’ll laugh about this later. hell, i sit and talk on the phone sometimes while doing my injections. its just gets to be part of your everyday routine. you dont really think about it. just practice sterile techniques always. alcohol, cotton balls, and syringes are cheap. an infection isnt.

…an angry Mountain Gorilla or a casual “Hey, lets make this fun for both of us” kinda Mountain Gorilla?

'Cause it matters, you know.

“It’s a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired-you quit when the gorilla is tired”

~ Robert Strauss

sticking yourself does everyday does suck, but you forget about that when using tren and seeing and feeling the wonderful benefits. ahhhhhhh, do I miss tren, cant wait till my next cycle.

I’d say a horny mountain gorilla that would come down out of the trees to rape defenseless local villagers goats if it had the chance.

I consulted with Timmy P on this question. All I got for a response was a dreamy look and a mumbled “It wasn’t so bad”.

For the rest of the day I heard that he was whistling Conganese Tribal Chants and grinning like a fool.

Go figure.

“Composers should write tunes that chauffeurs and errand boys can whistle”

~ Sir Thomas Beecham

Pdog, 2 carts of Finaplix is 4gs…not 2. For two carts you would need a 4g kit. It also depends on what company you order from as some make send extra oil to make it 75mg/ml. I prefer 100mg/ml. No, every day injections are not bad. Yes, they are bad if you use a 20g needle everyday. But you don’t, you use insulin syringes. More than half the time I can’t feel the injection and it’s not soar afterwards. Unless you’re a total dumbass and use WAY too much BA.