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Finaplix vs. Component

There has been a number of inquiries regarding the differences between Component and Finaplix implants. Heres everything i know about the two.

Finaplix-S: 140mg TA/dose (7 pellets), Finaplix-H: 200mg TA/dose (10 pellets), Component T-S: 140mg TA/dose (7 pellets), Component T-H: 200mg TA/dose (10 pellets),

Component also makes TA implants with a local antibacterial agent.

Component T-S with Tylan: 140mg TA, 29mg tylosin tartrate/dose (8 pellets)
Component T-H with Tylan: 200mg TA, 29mg tylosin tartrate/dose (11 pellets)

These are clearly labled on the box “with Tylan”

Both brands are 20mg/pellet, so whichever is cheaper per pellet is your best bet