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Finaplix-h Dose and Cycle?

anybody know dosage and length of cycle

what in the holy hell are you talking about?

vet tren

Are you going to make it injectable ? Oral, processed ? Transderm ?

We need a little more info here.

I think you’re supposed to shoot 10 pellets behind your ear for like 9 weeks. That’s when they finally take you to slaughter.

[quote]Shadow Hunter36 wrote:
I think you’re supposed to shoot 10 pellets behind your ear for like 9 weeks. That’s when they finally take you to slaughter.[/quote]

its 8 I think.
and only if hes confined to a lot
OP do you work out cause thats not allowed on fina

8 weeks? Quicker to the slaughter. Excellent.

maybe both of you need to school because it is obvious you don’t know a damn thing about AS. finaplix-h is an implant that contains 200 mg of trenbolone. I have done a lot of reading but the point here is to ask someone with experience and I can gather neither one of you should be advising a 2 yr old must less a grown BB who has worked out for 13 yrs but never tried AS

I would wager that neither of you have been a BB for 6 Months

LOL. You were asking about the cattle implant pellets, weren’t you? If you convert them to tren ace, then say so. There’s already a lot of threads covering tren a. Search…

and even better:

god nevermind a response is a waste of my time

Tren A is a fast acting ester it needs to be adminstrated ED or EOD if you get a converison kit and make the stuff the dosage usually ends up being around 75mg per ML. The stuff is very simple to make. I just recently made some and the stuff works great.

what is ed or eod

everyday or everyotherday.

And you are a prick… you open with a half a line of info and expect people to fall over themselves with info for you? GET A FUCKING GRIP WOMAN.

Of course the posters in question knew what fina is… i happen to know that at least one of them uses the shit… so… i’ll have some of that wager. Arsehole.

Try again… your attitude sucks.

(mine does too but i have had a hard life)


every day or every other day.

In the OP’s defense, he did apologize in PM for being rude.

My initial response to you wasn’t to be mean. And I don’t think Nich intended it that way either. But you wouldn’t even be asking that question if you actually knew something about the pellets. If you don’t even have an idea about dosage, why would we assume you even know how to actually convert the stuff?

Considering you said you were going to eat the pellets, I’m glad nobody gave you specific cycle info.

The guy at the Dungeon should have told you to run test with it. And considering your age, test is something you should really look into regardless of whether you run the tren or not.

You seem to be a decent guy, so do lots of research on this before you use anything. No need to hurt yourself. Good luck.

Fair nuff then. good post shadow :slight_smile:

my first post wasnt meant to be rude,I really wanted to know wha tthe OP was talking about
you have to admit OP you sounded very trollish.

now I am not as knowledgable as alot out here on these forums.
but I brewed my own tren,and I also brewed Syno.
I am finishing up my first batch of tren and my 3rd batch of Test Prop from syno.

I could direct you to very usefull info from these boards that I had used to learn how to do this and do it safely.but I do not roll over and play fetch for trolls.

there is a treasure trove of info out here in these boards,all hidden in plain site. but you have to do the looking yourself

[quote]4est wrote:

and even better:

Thank you, but actually being a how not to do it article, I don’t know how helpful it is towards actually doing it.

These days the method that seems best and easiest to me – but requires having a temperature-controlled hot plate and a magnetic stirrer, which if doing this repeatedly will be worth the expense though I can’t suggest how to buy it, as the company mine is from doesn’t sell to individuals – is:

  1. Add pellets to a (preferably) large vial at the concentration of 2 grams (nominal trenbolone acetate weight, or 1 carton) per 40 mL planned solution.

This can be done aseptically by carefully removing the top strip by clipping off the edges and pulling, then using the top strip (which has not been touched on the bottom) as a tool to pour out the rows 2 rows at a time (covering rows that still have pellets and which for the moment you don’t want to pour because they could miss the vial.)

  1. Add Wesson soybean oil to volume.

  2. Add magnetic stir bar, or this can be done prior to steps 1 or 2, doesn’t matter. Actually I do it first.

  3. Stopper the vial, and insert an insulin syringe without the plunger as a means of venting expanding air. Cover the top of the syringe with a clean paper towel soaked with alcohol or something (just to guard against dust entering the syringe and perhaps somehow getting down into the vial.)

  4. Place vial in oil bath on stirring hotplate and stir at 46 degrees C overnight. If pellets clump at bottom at any time, shake the vial to free them up and try using more speed for stirring.

When done there should be no visible particles of pellets, only “silt” so to speak.

The same general approach can be followed by only having the means to keep the vial at 46 C and relying on frequent shaking to dissolve the pellets, but this is less convenient.

  1. Allow to settle, still at 46 C, for 24 hours.

  2. To fill smaller (presumably but not necessarily) vials with finished product, repeatedly decant (pour off) for example 3 mL at a time of the warmed mixture into a syringe fitted with a 0.44 micron syringe filter and a needle on the syringe filter

(Preferably 25 gauge so as to minimize damage to septum.) Push through at slow speed, and repeat as necessary.

The filtration with this method is quite easy and a lot of mL can be put through the filter before it clogs up at all. Unlike the case with methods that result in some of the binder going into solution, which clogs filters rapidly.

Make sure you don’t pressurize the vial you are filling and thus have the septum blow off. Bleed air out as necessary.

7b) Store any unfiltered amounts, if not choosing to filter everything at once, at room temperature. If choosing to filter more later, shake bottle, stir for an hour or two at 46 C, then let settle again, and repeat process.

Result, 50 mg/mL solution that is pain free.

  1. Optionally, add benzyl alcohol at concentration of for example 1% to the vial or vials of filtered solution, and shake to mix. Result, still a pain-free solution.

8b) Optionally, instead mix with another product that would benefit from being “cut” with a non-obnoxious solution, for example with a product painfully high in benzyl alcohol, or a product that is too viscous, so as to accomplish 2 things at once and also make another product more useable.

On dosage, for a beginning user 50 mg daily is very good when combined with for example Dianabol or Anadrol. Or it could be stacked with an already-fairly-effective dose of testosterone.

A more advanced user may need 100 mg/day or a bit more for maximal results.