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Finaplix Gold and Post-Cycle Anti-Estrogen


I have heard that no post-cycle anti-estrogen is required after a fina cycle. Is this BS? This will be my first cycle, and after what I have read on this site it seems like an anti-estrogen is always recommended after a cycle regardless of what type of steroid you are using.

So, should I be looking for clomid before I start with the fina?


holy shit! put a tent on this circus!

i feel generous today.......

start by reading the steroid newbie thread.

read that thoroughly! especially the last few pages where you'll find some steroid profiles and pct start times.

then take a look at steroids for dummies.

reading and understanding the basics will hopefully help you.


fina shuts you down very hard d/t avidly binding to the ar...maybe you misread as an anti-e really serves no purpose while running tren as it doesn't aromatize.