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Finaplix availability

Just for clarification, is it legal to purchase finaplix? It seems that way from most of the posts here and on other boards, some of which have links to vet houses that don’t require feed bills. Has anyone out there done this successfully?

Well, I have never been able to find a vet house that doesn’t require a feed bill, but if you tell me where these sites are that have links to these vet houses, feel free to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to test it out for ya, I’ve been lookin for one for almost 2 months!

Websa Corp. They advertise on-line…Have Finaplix and Component

Well there goes another one. Don’t you guys get it? The feds probably monitor these sites looking for such info, to shut them down. I mean why do you think brock would never tell you where these places are? Come on and start using your brains.It’s people like you guys that piss me off.

That’s silly. Don’t you think the feds know how to use a search engine? Posting a site address here on the T-mag forum will not increase its chances of being shut down at all.

What you fail to realize is that the website are advertising finiplix use for livestock, not for human consumption. Authorities will be looking for careless individuals, like you, who will tip them off to companies who are selling finiplix without checking to see who is buying it. You can kiss the website you mentioned goodbye very soon because of your carelessness. Didn’t Brock and Bill warn you not to mention specific websites? Thanks for spoiling it for the rest of us.

You think the FDA hires people who do nothing but read the T-mag forum in hopes of snagging links to sites they could find with any of the top search engines in less than a minute? That’s absurd. The FDA can easily find out what sites are selling illegal products, and can only shut down a site that is selling legal products if they can prove they are doing so in an illegal way – and a message in some web forum isn’t legal proof of anything.

It’s legal to buy fina, illegal for a human to use it. In the same vane, it’s legal to buy a bong, illegal to fill it with pot and smoke it. Okay, not really the same thing, but you get the idea.

It will be illegal if they decide to pull a list of people they shipped to and you’re one of those names without any livestock in your living room.

YES! It is easy to get-stop posting it before it is ruined for everyone!