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Finaplex vs Comp T/H

Anybody know what the difference is between Finaplex-H and Component T/H? I know they both contain Tren but what else?

i think finaplix-h contains a total of 2000mg per box (200mg per implant) while component has 4000mg, but at twice the price. i’m pretty sure they contain only trenbolone acetate(plus fillers and glue).

I knew about the double size dosage of TA (which makes T/H more cost effective, since it’s less than double the price), I just wanted to know what else differentiated the two substances. I’m guessing with a different name there has to be something different in the formulas.

i think component is just a different brand. the product description says it is a slow acting product so maybe it has more fillers and glues. as for the active ingredients, they are the same.

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Fina is 2000 mg and comp-th is 4000. Comp-th also has less glues and binders. Where I get mine, the comp-th is more of a deal, and is way less than twice as much as the fina.

Thanks Czar. Less glue and binders sounds good to me. Where did you get this info? Is there a lab analysis or something that you’re referencing?