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Finaplex H Without Conversion Kit?


A friend of mine who has used gear for prob 10 years told me you can use fin without a conversion kit.

He said all you do is crush the pellets, put them in oil in a pan and heat it up. The heat makes them dissolve and you let it cool filter it thru a coffee filter let it stand so the other glues and binders settle out and draw off the top.

Now he said that he has personaly used it like this and he is a good friend so its not "I read this or heard that you can" he has used it with good gains and no probs.

Does this sound practical or was he just lucky the first time around? My first cycle is gonna be fin./clomid pct but before I buy conversion kits I dont need I was wanting advice first. thanks


You really need to think long and hard aout your first cycle being tren only. Not a wise move at all in my oinion.

Do some research. I think test should be the base of pretty much every cycle.

But as to your question, As long as you filter out the binders and the glue with a whatman, I think heating the pellets would work. I prefer to use kits, though.


Kits are the smarter way to go. However, I've heard of guys going the route your buddy does. I'm also going to second what Rainjack said. Save tren for when you have a few cycles under your belt. IMO it's kinda like buying a $1,500 driver when you're just learning to play golf. Except when you're done practicing the driver is gone...wait maybe that's a bad analogy. Just take my advice and go with something more like test/eq or test/deca or just test.


You do need the conversion kit. They are cheap, anyway. I don't know how this worked for him. Doesn't sound sterile either. Are either of you knowledgable on principles of chemistry? (not a crack, a legitimate question) Read up on the internet about finaplix conversions. If you don't know where to find the kits, ask.

You need a polar substance to pick up the tren from the pellet. This is in the form of benzyl alcohol and most will blend in benzyl benzoate. Tren is not soluble in oil directly. I don't see how your friend was picking up any tren in the oil. Maybe small amounts. Then of couse, I could be the one who doesn't know what he is talking about. If so, I would be happy. Seems that frying finaplix pellets on the stove is a lot easier than preforming the extraction.


I would think that the kits are way easier than heating them up on the stove. I mean how much simpler can it get than putting the pellets in the BB, waiting for them to dissolve, mix with oil, filter the binders, and run it all through a whatman? Honestly, I don't think I would risk doing it on a stovetop.

There is also a way to get tren enanthate by dissolving the pellets in HEET like you do synovex-h pellets.


I was joking about frying the pellets. But to recapitulate: the kits are straight forward and cheap. The way to go.
I have not heard of the acetate to enthanate conversion with the use of methanol (HEET). I guess I will have to check that out.


Thank you everone for the advice. Like I said the only reson I considered the deep fry method was I knew someone that has actually done it. But you are all right in that the kits are inexpensive and prob more sterile at the least.

The golf analogy was actually a good one I understand what you intended to convey. But if I understand correctly isnt it more like a beg. using a $1,500 driver that they got on sale at Dicks Sport. for $225? Once again that being the draw for me and most to fin in the first place and the fact that its legal and much easier to obtain.

Well it just goes to show that no matter how much you think you know, there is still so much more to learn. I am by no means ready for my first stick tomorrow, so I do still have some more research ahead of me.

again thank you all for the info


No way in hell would I do that man! Just get the kit and do it right!

              take care,
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