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Financial Q for American Divorcees


I understand under US divorce law that you cannot bring proceedings for divorce until you have lived 180 days apart. Assuming the husband has brought in all the cash in the marriage, and holds it, the wife cannot afford to leave the domicile.

But if she has a low-end job (in this example, takes home $1600 pm), and STILL cannot afford rent/food etc, is she entitled to a government scheme or payment to top up to a living wage until such time as a settlement is reached?


Each state is different for both divorce and welfare benefits. What state are you looking for?


Ahhh ok. Louisiana.


I have never lived in Louisiana. A kwik google search brings up some of the following:

Best of luck


A quick search yielded http://www.lawhelp.org/la/

Just because she doesn't make enough money to support herself is no guarantee that she qualifies for anything; the standards to qualify are usually very low (at least they are in PA).

Check out the site. Pick a category and just start calling. You'll probably run into a lot of dead ends but every so often you find a person who will point you in the right direction.

Good luck.


Thanks, I'll go through it. Meanwhile, could she resign from her job, begin divorce proceedings, and then declare herself homeless? Here in the UK she could walk out of the house straight away and be supported by the state, although after 30 yrs of marriage nowhere near the style to which she'd been accustomed, but we have a welfare state in place that stops anyone going homeless/hungry/stony broke.