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Financial Diet Shift

So due to recent unfortunate events, a very fortunate outcome happened, allowing me to purchase the house I’ve been renting for dirt cheap. However, it’s going to require me to to get REAL tight with my money for a bit.

I’ve significantly reduced the cost of my diet already, but I’m just looking for some quick and easy extra ideas.

My main goals per day are:

~4000 Calories
~225-275 Protein
~200+ carbs
~Variable fats in opposition to carbs

My budget is… hilariously around $80/week. I’ve got a bit more play with a roommate, but I’m not taking the plunge until I’m 100% sure I can afford it solo.

Allergic to shellfish, not that I could afford it anyways.

Quick and not-so-dirty ways to spice up chicken, potatoes and tuna??? (Ugh)

Edit: feel free to link any recipes, I’m going to have more free time to learn to cook properly, while I cant afford to go out and do anything.

I can’t meat your protein goals but, take this and add whey?

Lime and chili seasoning plus salt and pepper on chicken is amazing.

Do you have a slowcooker? This would be a fantastic time to make cheap cuts of meat into delicious stews and chili.


Protein powder is relatively cheap. 25-30g a serve for I dunno how much u can get it for but on clearance or shortdated there’d be some good deals there.

And when cuts are extra cheap or discounted, buy and freeze some for when everything is full price.

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