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Financial Aid

Does anybody know of any sources of financial aid? Im looking for anything possible. Low interest loans, grants, scholarships, anything. Im having some trouble finding some stuff. I really dont mind getting loans. I would much rather pay when i have the money than struggle to eat and pay bills now. Any suggestions?

Unless you have a drug conviction they have to give you Stafford loans, and if you’re independent you can get unsubsidized Stafford loans also. I owe roughly $90,000 at this point.

I get ford direct loans now. what is the difference if you know? thanks.

The William Ford Program dispenses stafford loans. did you fill out a FAFSA? If you did and you are broke like me you should be able to get money. I will be starting grad school this fall and will be taking out $20,000. I still shudder everytime I think about it but there is no other way to pay for school.
Grants are very hard to come by unless you are a hardship case. As for scholarships it seems if you are not a minority or female you might as well not waste time filling out the paperwork.

Talk to your financial aid office, many times they can find you the money (afterall it becomes the schools money). There are grants and scholarships out their if you look hard enough. Use the internet to look for them.

I had to take out a loan for summer school one year, which the standard Federal Loan program would not cover. I took the loan out through the CitiBank Citi-Assist Student Loan program. You tell them how much you need, and they’ll work with you on it. The payment schedule isn’t that bad, and they don’t take as long to lower interest rates as federal loans do.

Since the federal interest rate has been changing so much, they’ve already lowered my rate 6 or 8 times in the two years since I graduated. You can learn more at http://www.studentloan.com.

Good Luck.

I’m 21 and in my senior year of college, so we’re probably in the same boat. Although I only wish I had some practical advice, I can nonetheless try to cheer you up by quoting some drunk from one of my buddy’s graduation parties. He recommended that we all “Marry rich and marry often.” The way I look at it, there are all kinds of old maids who would love to have a sexy young T-Man like you or I by their sides for a few months. They might even like it enough to pay for our educations…Just some food for thought. Any more questions, you can find me standing outside the local senior center with my shirt off:)

If you are willing to serve in the military, try an ROTC scholarship. They pay books and Tution, plus 300 to 400 a month. Just be aware that you will have repay the loan by serving in the military. What is your major?