Financial Advice Forum On Here?

Ive got some of the best info./advice from online forums (TheAdonis on the UG for example), i think they’re should be one here.

Obviously it will be hard to keep scammers away but theres gotta be a way - forum mod or something. Im sure theres intelligent experts on finances that also lift & are members here.

A thread would be one thing, but a whole forum dedicated to financial advice?

Maybe we need child forums under the O/T forum


I suppose the closest thing they have is Politics. I too would love to see a financial/ investment forum.

Freebee- Humana insurance co(HUM) would be a wise choice.

Would you all like a legal advice forum, too? Ran by licensed attorneys?

How about a medical procedure resource forum, too. With practicing surgeons as mods.

Or how about a skydiving instruction forum, moderated by Wesley Snipes (a la Drop Zone).


Pffft…just have a thread dedicated to financial advice.

My vote is a cars and computers forum…in closet geek here.

Sometimes I wish there were a forum dedicated to pet care and stain removal.


For goodness sake don’t rely on any forums anywhere for financial advice.

Educate yourself. Start by reading 20 books on the topic. Get a subscription to the WSJ. Don’t put any investment advice into practice with real money before you try it out with imaginary money.

The financial world has WAY more BS than the world of diet, training, and supplements.