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Financial Advice for New College Student

How much you can pay off. I’d say keep it within the 50 dollar a month budget, ideally less. Small purchases or emergency only. One of the biggest factors of the credit score is your credit age, which is the average time you’ve had your cards, so just having a credit card helps even if you don’t use it. Some credit cards have annual fees, so just avoid those.

Hi Anna! First of all, plan your expenses beforehand and try not to ask for depts. Secondly, find a job that would be relevant to your studies or at least related to the industry you are aiming to have a career in. Later on, it will give you that precious work experience the employers are looking for.

Whatever money you get, whether from parents or rackets, set aside 20% and don’t use it at all. The only time you break the rule of not using it is for a legitimate emergency


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