Finance Jobs

Anyone around here have a job in the finance industry?

(Raises hand).

Er… what additional information do you need?

I’m a recent grad and I’m just looking for some pointers to put me in the right direction.

Depending on what you’re looking for and where you’re located, you may have a great deal of opportunities. What are you looking for? Investment banking? Financial analysis? Corporate finace? Or more on the sales side like securities brokerage or asset management? I would recommend going after an internship (if you still can, since you’ve graduated already) or entry-level job in an area of interest to you to gain some experience and go from there. I assume you are fairly young and would therefore have time to decide by experience whether the areas you are “testing” really interest you as much as you thought they did, and you would still have the experience to draw on, put on the resume, etc. Bottom line: ain’t no teacher like experience.

I started as an intern at a small investment banking firm while still in graduate school (as a music major, by the way), and bugged them until they hired me (of course I also worked my ass off to give them a reason). I have since left that firm, where I worked almost 4 years, and am now a fairly well-paid credit risk analyst at a good sized bank. If you are in a large city with a variety of financial services available, your opportunities should be many!

If you want you can PM me and talk further. Good luck!

Deloitte. ring a bell?

stay the hell away from a bank, unless you wanna be a trader.

unless you like abusive customers, low pay, long hours and an ungrateful middle management breathing down your neck.


As others have said, it all really depends on what you want to do long-term. If you don’t know yet, then, I’d suggest starting at one of the Big 4 or Bain, Accenture or McKinsey. They’re miserable places to work and they’ll work you to death, but you’ll learn a lot. Also, having one of the more famous firms on your resume will be a plus later on in your career.


I’m a CFA charterholder and work at a major investment bank. Whatever you decide to do, it’s going to get boring sooner or later. That’s why it’s called work.

I’m working on becoming a teaching pro and eventually hitting the mini-tours. Now, that’s living!

The brokerage side of the business is more for sales oriented people. Long term probably more profitable (if you are good) and probably more flexible. (I have a biased opinion, of course). Being a broker has very little to do with crunching numbers. The investment banking, accounting, and retail banking jobs are for the more analytical people. Also, from what I understand, Investment Banking is very political in who gets the best jobs. As a broker, you get paid what you’re worth, not what someone else thinks of you. Either way, if you want to be successful in an of these fields, expect to work long hours, and sacrifice time and money for the first few years. Your buddies from school who go in to corporate finance will make more money than you for the first couple years, but if you’re good, you’ll blow them away later on. If you consider yourself a regular guy (i.e. no Harvard MBA, no Wharton school, etc.) then your best bet to make money is in the brokerage side. Your hard work can make you more money than the proper resume can.