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Finaly Ready Just Need a Little Info


so after reading all this stuff on the newb section, a year almost 2 years ago. when every one told me i wasent ready for gear i just hit the gym hard. im 5'9 and now wayin in at 220. but i think im ready for gear now so i want to do dbol.

but have see that dbol alone is a big waste of time and u loose alot of ur mass when the cycle ends.. and google sucks for reserch. it all about why not to take gear which i have read but im willin to take the chance. what i want to knw is what can i stack with dbol. i never wanted to do test but after reading and respecting that this would be the right way to do it i am gonna suck it up and do it lol.... i am looking for more mass what would be the best test to stack with dbol? please dont flame me there is just no where to find the info i need so i figured i would check with peeps who have the proof what works thanks feel free to pm...


srry my stats are im 24 years old
5'9 and 220lbs looking for bulk


just found a stack thinking mabey d bol at 50mg a day for 3 weeks and test E at 500mg a week for 10 weeks is this sounding ok?


Aside from the atrocious grammar and, well, I guess you could call that an attempt at spelling? it started off well. If you're this lazy when it comes to researching such a serious topic then (again) you have no business being on AS. How can you seriously expect to NOT get flamed for something like this? There's more to it then just "wut gear iz tha best 2 use?" I'm not going to elaborate because that would be a waste of everyone's time.


junior, after 2 years of research this is what you have come up with?



Yep he has been researching really hard for the past few years... too bad he evidently overlooked the first cycle thread by furious george where GOOD FIRST CYCLES ARE LAID OUT FOR YOU WEEK BY WEEK


What is it with so many people coming in here lately claiming to have done their research and then posting:

I've done my research and I'm ready to start cycling. How's this?

Wk 1-55 Adex 30mg/day
Wk 55-56 Deca .75 gallons/year (Don't want to get TOO huge...)
Wk 1-2 Creatine- as much as the syringe can hold

Is it because summer's slowly approaching? Wtf?


I know, there seems to be an inordinate amount of idiotic posts lately.


lol very true.




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Another newb successfully driven away LOL



Hello my good man, hope your well.