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Hey, with this being finals week for some, I wish you all the best and I hope you do good.

That’s “do well.” You’re down to an A- already, buddy:)

Seriously, though, thanks a lot and the same to you!

Good luck to you as well!

Thanks bro, I need all the luck I can get. Good luck to you as well.

Bro’ I am in the depths of hell with finals week also. I hate it, cumulative finals are the worst. The stress is making me sick and my work outs suffer (and women problems dont help either) I have one more on Wednesday and thats it. Thank GOD! To the bars we go…

Already finished all mine. Received a personal best 3.6 GPA this semester. The weird thing is I was more busy than ever, working 17 hrs. week, taking 15 units, working out 2 times/day 4 times/week and 1 time/day 2 times/week, and spending time with my wife and son. Next semester I plan on beating my 3.6 and will be even more busy with workouts. Good stuff!

Keeping busy has the same effect on me. I think it’s related to that whole “an idle mind is the devil’s playground thing”, but in this case, it’s more about idle time. If I have too much time to waste, I generally keep on wasting it.

during the summer i worked out 4x week, worked, had to handle 15 credits - my gpa was a 3.9.

this semester i had 12 credits, didnt work, didnt work out, bought an xbox and i am most definately on my way to a 3.0 AT BEST. seriously, if i dont keep busy everything goes to shit, so next semester im jackin it all up again

Ditto on the being busy. I just got a 4.0 for the second time in my life. Both have come when I am working a bunch of hours. I just did not do as well when I was younger and had part time jobs or none at all. This semester gave me the biggest sense of accomplishment though because I was in the gym every morning at 5am.