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Finals Suck


i want to lift!

that is all...


It's a lack of preparation that's keeping you out of the gym, not the finals themselves.

Keeping up with material so you only have to study a little before a test is the best way to go, it's a bitch to look at stuff everyday but it makes things, overall, much easier and less stressful.


Just wait for the real world big cat....

It's like finals all day everyday...


The only thing worse than regular finals is when your finals are all about exercise.


Hah, I've been done with finals for two weeks.


Finals are pretty ezy usually...


Boo fucking hoo.


Undergrad finals yes, anything above undergrad level are a complete mind f@ck.



wait till you have kids and a mortgage.

You'll be wishing you were back in college chasing pussy and smoking pot.


And this is why you get neither.


Philosophy major?


This right here...I am getting all A's and have been keeping up with all my school work along with lifting regularly and working 30+ hrs a week and am not stressing a bit.

I'm almost done writing a 5 page Formal Analytical Paper due Tuesday. I finished two papers for my Financial Accounting class that's also due Tuesday and I have to start a short paper for my Intermediate Macro class ALSO due Tuesday. Plus I have to study for three finals (No final in my Business Communication class).

Right now I'm taking a little break from my report watching the Bruins and Red Sox for a bit then finish this bitch up and sleep well.


It's against my religion to be prepared for anything relating to school.

In fact, they started writing my bible at 1 AM, eight hours before it was due.


brilliant. I just got out of a chem 2 final which I managed to bomb. It was a 8 week class and nearly impossible to keep up with in the first place. I still think I managed an A in the course, but by 2-3 percent on the final only. I hope...


^ Ochem is a bitch. The class avg on our first midterm for ochem C was a 33%...


This..quoted for emphasis. This is what got me through my undergrad and current grad classes.


Cool story bro.


Middle of law school finals, I still get in the gym 6 days a week, still passing school.



I liked my finals. They were for technical courses (welding) so there wasn't much book learnin. I'll have many more to come though, so I might regret that statement later.



Machine Controls Final (Mechanical Engineering)
2.5 hours, OPEN BOOK (anything you wanted to look at you could)

.....NOBODY FINISHED THE DAMN TEST! (and we had a chinese dude in the class!)

On the other hand I gave a big "SHHHHHHHHH" when I heard the kids in the back talking to each other HAHAA! DONT FUCKING CHEAT(it's heavily curved)!!!

I have a hard time empathizing with anybody bitching about their undergrad courses if they aren't Math/Science based.....sorry