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Finals During Cycle


Hi I am into week 6 of my 12 weeks deca and test cypionate cycle, however my finals start on 26th of may and therefore tomorrow I will have my last gym session until the 6th of JUNE the date of my final exam.

During this period of 2.5 weeks:

  • I won't be training
  • my diet will be not so great (still will try to consume the number of cals and protein i need)
  • I will be sleep deprived, since I will be studying late and waking up early

I know that most probably i wont be able to make much muscle during this 2.5 weeks ( although i will be fully recovered) but will i be able to maintain mass?

i am taking 400 test cyp and 300 deca a week


You cant find 4 hours a week to train while taking finals? Did you sleep through the whole semester, forcing yourself to cram at this point?

Why did you start a cycle knowing youd spend more than half a month not lifting?

You'll also not be lifting during the prime muscle building weeks. Overall bad planning.


Plan your studying better and lift through finals.


bonez thx for the reply. for the record i have been studying over 8 hours a day for the past 3 months except for a holiday to sweden which was 5 days long!my time this year was all spent at the library and the gym! assuming that I stop studying now and dont touch any of my books during exams I will still manage to get an above average degree! However I am competing with the top students in my class and therefore more studying can always benefit me.

I may be able to find some time to workout during this time however I just assumed the worst possible situation and posted it here. When I first started my cycle I was not planning to skip the gym during exam periods however as it is the competition has gotten quite high among top level students and the level of stress is increasing day by day!

well what would be your advice?


can't believe I'm actually spending time answering this question
Don't be taking tren.
You can easily get by with hitting the gym 2-3 times a week for 30-45 min each. Do heavy compound movements. Manage your time. More important than your training is getting all your meals in.

I'm a life long student, been in for 26 years and don't plan on stopping, I've been in a similar situation hundreds of times. Fuck everything else: sleep, study, train, and eat.


  1. if you can not lift then take some time and do bodyweight stuff,push ups,dips,ect
  2. no excuse no mater what you can always get in the proper food its all about choices and how far you will go to get the proper food
  3. so what,get used to not sleeping so much

my bottom line point is stop making excuses theres always something you can do to train and do whats right and if not then thats your own problem.
man up already get things done life happens and with training you cant let life get in the way and if you do then dont complain about it just move on and change your routine.


Besides the rest of the stupidity, you are surely overestimating how much you need to study. I've managed to not stop training while working full time through law school and studying for some pretty difficult finals, and I always get at least 3 weight training days in when I second chair on trials. Plus, I still manage to jack off at least once a day.

On a more serious note, if you're really going to learn anything, you need to have a more well-rounded lifestyle. Training your mind isn't much different than training your muscles, and based on what you've described here, you're "over-training" for this test. Shit gets committed to memory best when you're getting adequate time to recuperate (sleeping and training).


please everyone read my response to bonez. I SAID I assumed the worst possible situation and asked to question accordingly. I am sure I will find some time but I just wondered what will happen if I don't!

U all seem to know my exam timetable perfectly. Let me tell u why I assumed I may not have time for the gym:

Thursay: 26th of march "International financial management" 3 hours professional exam
Saturday: 28th "financial accounting" 3 hours professional exam
Monday: 30th "corporate finance" 3 hours exam
Wednesday: 1st of June " statisctics for marketing and management" 2 hours exam
Thursday: 2nd of June "Taxation in accounting" 3 hours professional exam (exemption through HMRC)

Saturday: 4th of june, "accounting history" 2 hours exam
Monday: 6th "management accounting" 3 hours professional exam

For those of u who don't know. These are not just ANY finals.

I study at LSE (london school of economics) one of the best business schools in engalnd! Had to work my ass of to get to where I am. Unless u have studies accounting at LSE u would know that all exams are professional exams (means that I will get exemption from the accounting association) and unless u study your ass off it is impossible to compete with others in yopur class.

When I am at the gym, my friends are studying! When I leave the library to get meal number x, my class mates are at the library studying!

I am not nagging or complaining! I am still sure I will go to the gym 3 times a week during this exam. However I just wanted to provide u a perspective and also see how i will end up in the worst possible situation


So basically you came here to rationalize your fucked up cycle plan by asking if youll be able to maintain?

Who the fuck knows the answer to that question? Did you really make a post to hear "yea bro youre gonna be so jacked no matter what"

And shut up about how hard your tests are. Im a law student. Another former llaw student posted. Halflife is/was obviously a graduate student. You constantly make posts where you try to explain how much better you are than others. Just shut the fuck up. You made a thread. And got replies. If they arent the replies youre looking for just stop reading the thread. The advice to learn to manage your time better is more useful than any hand-holding you were expecting to receive.

People like you just dont get it. You'll probably never grow up and realize that you dont know everything. Do you really think your excuses are novel?


Bonez .... I had it with your shit ! Who the fuck is talking. I have read your posts to others and u always reply to posts with an attitude, and always tend to talk down to people as if you are a know it all. Oh and yes..... all my previous posts are about how much I am better than everyone else. WTF ARE U TALKING ABOUT? I may not know alot about bodybuilding or training, but when it comes to life I have had my success pretty much in everything i wanted! so I don't need life advice from u.

P.S u fucking retard who can't even understand a simple thing! I put my timetable and explained the situation to say how packed my schedule is. I never implied my course is alot harder than law. anyway I don't have time for ur shit.

go fuck ur self!


As someone who has taken those finals I can say they are hard, but guess what, you're time management sucks if you can't get in your training sessions even during finals week. If you had managed your time better on the front end and prepared ahead of time you'd be under much less stress. Do you really think you'll retain everything by cramming for 24 hours a day for a week? You'll do better if you take some time away from the books and de-stress and hit the gym.


Your right. You didnt make posts like that. It was via pm. And I didnt say 'all'. Nor did I imply that you thought business classes were more difficult than law finals. Just that you arent in a unique situation trying to balance finals and lifting.

Though Im not sure someone bitching and moaning about how little time they have to study should be dicking around on the internet asking about hypothetical situations that only a psychic could possibly answer. But that's just my opinion.


I'm training to be a barrister (lawyer) in the UK (we have do an undergrad degree then a 1 year postgrad in the UK)and I hit the gym 5 times a week.

Great, you're at LSE, but there are jacked guys at Oxford and Cambridge. Not just jacked guys, rowers who get in 2 hours of rowing training every day.


Thursay: 26th of march "International financial management" 3 hours professional exam - Go to the gym for 1 hour after that.
Friday 27th March - Go to the gym for 1 hour after exam.
Saturday: 28th "financial accounting" 3 hours professional exam - Go to the gym for 1 hour after exam.
Monday: 30th "corporate finance" 3 hours exam - Go to the gym for 1 hour after exam.
Tuesday 31st May - Go to gym for 1 hour.
Wednesday: 1st of June " statisctics for marketing and management" 2 hours exam - Go to gym for 1 hour after exam.
Thursday: 2nd of June "Taxation in accounting" 3 hours professional exam (exemption through HMRC) - Go to gym for 1 hour after exam.
Friday 3rd of June - Go to gym for 1 hour.
Saturday: 4th of june, "accounting history" 2 hours exam - Go to gym for 1 hour after exam.
Monday: 6th "management accounting" 3 hours professional exam - Go to gym for 1 hour after exam.

You really couldn't do at least half of those?


Be sure to use an AI

Nobody cares what your GPA is after you graduate....you sound like a putz...i wouldn't hire you


There was an article written by Thibs not to long ago about training before a vacation, i forget the title of it, but it suggest majorly breaking down your muscles over the weeks before you go on vacation and treating the time during the vacation as your recovery time. aswell as trying to fit in a couple more days hear and there during that rest.


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I feel for you bro. I work 40 hours a week and am a full time finance student, just finished my finals this week and it was really hard. I only made it to the gym 5 days this week and almost didnt get enough calories for my diet.......



Im a 4th year materials engineering here at calpoly in california. My advice to you, is to plan you cycle in advance. Im waiting till summer (june 10th) to start my cycle so that i can have complete and total focus in the gym and on my diet, not to mention the 12hours of sleep a day I will be getting.


Wow. Interesting thread...a few things, the amount of time you check this thread you could maybe find a way to hit a quick lift...do some tabata intervals, or just go do some Jarvorek complexes..or pick a major full body lift like cleans, deads, squats, hit it hard, then do an upper body push pull superset and get out in 30 mins but you can hit your body good..clear your mind, and probably increase your studying ability by getting a sweat on, feeling better, and getting some brain chemistry and hormones fired up....

Maybe stop checking this forum for the next 3 weeks until your done....seems like its stressing you out...I actually just turned a paper in, got on here to celebrate before studing for a final...

Also, unless you really dont give a crap, if you are looking to be top dog at your school and get high profile jobs, why on earth are you being so specific about your school, classes you are in, etc? If its that elite of a school/program than Im pretty sure not hard to figure out who the hell you are. You are doing something illegal and bragging about it as well essentially identifying yourself across the world...

I like what someone posted above, after each test go hit the gym and blow off steam, reload your mind and then go crank on studying for the next exam.

Halflife, out of pure curiousity, what degrees have you piled up? Are you like a MBA/JD/PhD or something?! Wow....impressive years in school man...