I’d hit it.

Here’s another one of hot stuff himself…

jesus christ P-Dog…fuckin HUGGGGE. and such a pretty face too. stats?

some lats

His best side…

merlin lmfao!!! i might take you up on that offer.

btw ericka put these up for me if you didnt already notice.

stats 5’7.5, 202 bf im guessing around 12-15%

Looking pretty swole bro! pretty thick! I like how you pose your front bicepts- will have to copy that. Are you going to show some wheels as well?

man my wheels are hairy as hell. im emberassed to show em.

(Shudder) You both look good, but don’t do that! Just blank your face out for crying out loud. I see a Shemale!

nice lat spread bro. you’ve got a great all around upper body as well. your a big boy for sure. whats your gym stats bro?

a week or two ago i benched 340 and i had been training for hypertrophy no strength training. honestly i havent checked my numbers on my other lifts. i just started box squatting about a week ago. i have been able to work up to about 300 on the box. this is going a couple of inches below parallel. im really uncomfotable on the box at the moment im sure those numbers will shoot way up as soon as i get the hang of the technique.

i can do 5x5 dips with 120lb dumbell. 5x5 pullups with about 50 lbs hanging.

havent done and deads in a while.

i start training west side next week so i expect to get a hell of a lot stronger.

P-Dog is SEXY!!! LOL …Lookin Good Bro!! Its nice to put a face to a handle Sorta…And Erika ain’t so bad herself…

If I were you I would wait until you have recovered before you hit the weights hard…unless…your staying on!

p-22, i have been training in the 8-10 rep range with a bunch of intensity increasing techniques such as tempo contrasts, isometric contrasts, and have been training 5-6 days per week. a relativley high volume approach, etc…

im taking a week off of training all together, if i can keep my ass out of the gym.

then i plan to start west side. the reason behind this is that 1) it is a low volume program, and 2) i will be able to maintain my strength that i gained while “on” and hopefully get a lot stronger.

i will probably train west side from now all the way throuh my recovery period and through my cutting period in the summer. i have done this in the past and it worked well with a similiar low volume approach. this is however my first time with west side.

This posts reminds me of this time I was at work in the vitamin shoppe. Somebody cut out a picture of a fitness chick spread eagle on her knees in the surf, camel-toe and everything, and taped it up to the register monitor. Anyway one of the girls working there thought it’d be cute to tape a pic of some meathead mug over the model’s head. You could only see it behind the register so nobody took it down.

Then one day this really tall 6’3+ person comes walking into the shop. I’m behind the register and spot it right away. Big wide broad shoulders with a belly shirt, skin tight black capri pants and what had to be size 12 (in men’s) platform shoes. This character walked up on one of my co-workers (who is an extreme born again) while his back was turned and asked in a fairly feminine voice for some help. I almost pissed my pants when I saw the look on his face once he turned around. He quickly helped her and then fled to the back storage room to hide like a little bitch. LOL!

Everyone in the store knows I’m fucked up so they let me deal with this odd customer. I helped him or her around the store getting what he/she needed. Trying not to notice the huge manly hands or gigantic toes (btw they were painted red…shudder!) Finally, when we got up to the register I looked at the picture and almost lost it. I managed to hold my composure, but then I almost broke again. When I asked for the customers name to find them on the computer he/she responded “Chris”. WTF?

Hey p-dog no matter what you said to those cops there is no way in hell they believe your story about those syringes are for spicing up the turkey and the clom being your girls. You are to f-ing huge and at least you have something to back up all your talk. more respect bro.

thanks quinn.

hey wideguy, nice story but are you gonna say something about my god damn physique or what?

Why did you have the muscle shirt on for the front poses but took it off for the back?

because im fat!!!