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When I started training in March I had set little mini goals to keep me motiveated along the way. Every week I would set one for the following week. I reached each one and this made me happy. In March my then trainer told me that one day I would be able to do all of my lifts using the 45s. This seemed impossible to me at that time…well it finally happened.

This week:
Deadlift: 225
Squat: 135 (this is the one that has been a thorn in my side, but I’ll be damned some bar on my back was going to keep me from my goal)

These were not 1RM, but for reps. Now to name my next goal.

I know this probably doesn’t sound like much to those that have been trainig for any length of time, but I am thrilled with my Newbie gains and felt like telling you about it.

Congratulations IM!

Don’t make excuses. You’ve accomplished something fantastic. How long have you been training? Maybe I missed the answer to this question on another thread.

Hats off to you IM!

I like your concept of setting mini goals for each week. I am just now getting back into the groove after 2 years off! I need to probably set small goals for myself rather than just going whole hog.

Can you maybe give me some more tips on how you set your goals? Its not that I am incapable of setting my own, but often times other people have interesting techniques that I like to consider.

Anyway, great job on all your progress!

That’s very respectable. GOOD JOB:-)

Good job Maiden! Keep pushin!

Good stuff!

MD: I started training in March of this year. Dabbled in weights back in college, but never serious…more of a way to meet football players and wrestlers ;o)

Booknerdbabe: My mini goals all depended on what I was having trouble with. Adding weight to my bench, moving from Hammer Strength to Olympic bench. Going deeper on my squats. Being able to do SL Deads after injuring my back. Incorporating new lifts into my routine such as hang cleans, push presses.
I am glad you are back at the Iron Game and have joined in the fun here. Looking forward to hearing about your training and improvements.

Tyler, Billy, Rank…Thanks!

Nice… good numbers. I didn’t know you were a newbie – that was never the vibe I got from you. Sounds like you found a good trainer for yourself though. Keep on. -R

Awesome, IM, hats off to you for firstly, being committed enough to set realistic goals, but mostly for loving yourself enough to do the work to meet them.

Those are some great numbers.

Keep it up T-woman!!

Awesome. It’s all about personal progress.

Without goals, people never get anywhere.

Dan “Tony Robbins” McVicker

Congratulations–that’s terrific! And those are solid numbers! But even if they weren’t, it’s the setting and achieving that’s really the sweet part at the end of it all. I hope you reward yourself!


I always admire anyone who will not quit!

Great Job IM

setting smaller goals to work toward the greater goals is something too many people don’t do, as a result they end up quitting. Keep up the good work!

Iron Maiden = Sexy Blonde Chick who Accomplished her Goals

Well done IM!

“Sexy at the millennium means having a solid sense of self but never taking yourself too seriously”

~ Rebecca Romijn Stamos

Great job! Congrats!
(can’t wait to get there myself!)

WOW!! i’m impressed! I just started myself, in June, and seeing your numbers inspires me! Do you have any other stats? I would love to know how your bench or any other numbers you have. Can you tell us your training program or anything else about what you’re doing? I’m excited for you! LOL
thanks for the inspiration!

“Iron Maiden = sexy blonde chick who accomplished her goals”
that about sums it up! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting IM and she’s a hottie to the core who’s dedicated to making real progress in her training. Great work, Alicia.

Good job girl

love to hear stuff like this! Great job. You rock