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Sorry I have not been able to get back to all the PM’s in the last few weeks. My computer got a Virus and trashed my hard drive. Anyhow, i’m back and will respond to all the Pm’s as soon as possible.

Well, good to have you back

Hi there stranger.

i bet scott sent it : )

You know, I bet Scotty did send it. He probably got the Virus from a Donkey in TJ!!! Haha

Either a donkey or… could have been muchas bubbalito in the holding pen… (ru this is a joke please don’t get sensitve here…)

LMAO… a donkey. so that isnt just a rumor.

Hey, RU is a great guy…except for his intensive love of the ass (donkey as we call them) But he says it’s ok because it’s allowed down in Mexico. He likes the ones painted like Zebras because they make him feel “more exotic” Ok, better shut my mouth before he beats my ass…and I don’t ass as in MY donkey

That’s it, I am pushing all of your bikes over you little bitches.

other than that I thought it was funny. I really am gonna miss that painted jackass on Revolucion Ave. Sorta grew close…all those times watching the sun set, drinking tequilla, swatting flies together…I wonder if he…OOOOPPPS, I meant SHE misses me too. SHE damnit, I said SHE.

You better leave my R6 alone damnit. It’s had enough problems with assholes. Ah…I remember that ass on Revolution well my friend. Oops, I ment the ass up in the stripclub on Revolution. Don’t worry RU, we’ll find you some sweet ass next trip we make.

Hey I am going too! Yeeehaw! or would it be HEEEHAAAAW… Ok I am bored…

Sure Spook you can go, but you get to wear the Donkey costume this time, and it will be HEEEE-HAAAWWWW, practice that for us now would ya. I bored too.

this is sounding a little like “deliverance”. who wants to play ned batey? i’ll be burt reynolds. he doesnt get fucked by anybody.

Drago, when it comes to Ru: seems like you go in thinkin your sparring, meanwhile he trying to ring your bell… He’s a good guy anyway even if he likes donkeys and is easily peturbed.

Perturbed, I am not perturbed. I am nuts, whacko, certifiable, insane, etc. my bells are always ringing all the jokes is what stops them. I know what you want…You need a hug group hug. Everyone feel better now. NO. Did not think so now get you asses out on that field and win, win, win.

you have to love the “Revolucion Ave.” reference.

Donkey suit?? Group hugs?? Watching the sun set?? I think RU got some fake test and is injecting a bunch of Estrogen you sensitive little bitch. Somebody get this boy some clomid…stat!! Funny thing is there’s probably a bunch of people that have read this that have never been to TJ and don’t have a clue what we are talking about. Good ol Revolution Ave. And, and for you that know where club Animale is; next time you’re in TJ go to the strip club in the back and tell all the lady’s Tren says hi. You might get a free lap dance=0)