Finally Want to Commit.

Well I have been interested in strength training for a while now but never really had the resolve to stick to it for any great length of time. I decided now is the time to make the leap though so am posting this blog for two reasons.

  1. So that i can get some of the bast knowledge going from my peers

  2. As a motivational tool a way to keep track of what i am lifting, to monitor how my body form changes and most of all so that if i drop out every one will know i failed and that i couldnt hack it.

Can you think of a better way to keep up you resolve so the workouts start from the 21/07/2008 yes ! know !'m English we write the date funny. Anyhow all be posting my workout later on any feeed back on it would be much appreciated thanks. Also be posting pics of my self now so i have a point of reference for my progression.

So I decided on the program now with out any flowery words or bull like before i’ll just give you the facts.

Training 3 times a week mon/wed/fri

*Squat 5x5
*Bench Press 5x5
*Deadlift 5x5
*Overhead Press 5x5
*Weighted Pullups 5x5
*Weighted Dips 5x5

Nutrition wise i’m taking
*Whey protien shake - Pre workout
*Weight gainer protien and carbs - Post workout
*Multivit - specifically for lifters extra oils and minerals to help support joints and muscle regeneration.
Aswell as as the two shakes i’m also having four other meals a day
*Breakfast - Slow release carbs with extra protien
*Snack 1 - Mixed dried fruit and nuts etc
*Main Meal - Chicken/Salmon etc with plenty of fresh vegetables
'Then pre protien shake - workout - post protien/carb shake.
*Final Meal - I’m Leaving this one fairly free as to what i can have just so long as it includes protien and limited carbs kind of a little treat.

Now for the moment I dread the photo’s, well here it is.

The chest.

And the worst for last the legs.

Well now you know why am doing it, what i’m doing and what am working with. Had my first session today didnt go as well as I would of hoped.

I think it was that I couldnt get my head into it with it being a new gym and i felt a bit bloated from eating so much more then i’m used to. Although i did get the workout done and i feel better for it. So what was i lifting

*Squat - 50Kg
*Bench Press - 40Kg [really wasnt impressed with this number.]
*Deadlift - 55Kg
*Overhead Press - 20Kg just
*Weighted Pullups - just bodyweight for now
*Dips - bodyweight plus 5Kg plate

wasn’t to impressed with the amount i was lifting. Going to be trying to progress asap. So thats it for the time being any ideas, criticsm with the program etc would be a great help. I’ll be checking back in when there is a bit of progress.

Well i think am going to have to make a change with the program straight away. trying to do total body every other day seems a bit to much. My legs where killing today and i couldn’t squat properly.

Everything else seemed fine though even upped my Bench Press to 45kg so not bad. The problem is not sure if i should switch squats to every other session or if i should change the whole thing and train 1 day in three. nutrition wise i’m doing well finding the ammount i am eating isnt bothering me any more, i am having to many carbs though so i really need to get a handle on that.

Is this a beginner’s program ?

if not , I would strongly suggest using one . you’re squatting , DL’ing , and benching in the same session…could be a bit too much starting out .

it doesnt matter what your lifts are . it only matters that next month they’re a little higher .

whats your age ?