Finally Underway

Well I just started my first ever cycle last night!
I posted for advice in another thread: Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness

I began my clean bulk two weeks ago, and have slowly transitioned to the macros that will be good for this cycle. I will up them if needed as well.

Day 1: Frontload Test E 500 mg
Day 4: Frontload Test E 500 mg (this Saturday)

I decided to break the frontload up this way. According to roidcalc, my blood levels should be elevated on Saturday and stay this way throughout the cycle.

Then continue:
Weeks 2-10: 250 biweekly

Also, I decided to go ahead and run the Turinabol with this as well. I am currently running 40 mg/day for the first 10 days, and then 50 mg for the remaining 32 days. The reason being, I have 2 grams of Turinabol, and want to run it @ 6 weeks.

Tbol Days 1-10: 40 mg/day
Days 11-42: 50 mg/day

I am going to wait a while to see if I need the arimidex, which I am sure I will soon.

I have already been getting stronger just from starting the bulk, and now I am anxious to really start gaining.

500mg of Test DOES require estrogen management regardless if you grow tits or not.

I as well as many other don’t find adex very effective at the lower doses recommended here. Don’t be afraid to use up to 1mg a day if need be.

Ok…well I will take .25 mg/day, and if needed, I will use more [up to 1 mg]. Thanks for the input guys.

Was wondering some input on this pct protocol. I have read William Llewlynn’s 2009 Power Pct.

Days 1-16: 2500 iu’s hcG EOD
1-30: 50 mg Clomid 2 times/day
1045: 20 mg Nolva ED

I have read on some forums that this pct works very well. My question is, this being my first cycle, is this really necessary and/or efficient? I want to keep the most I can of my gains…

HCG would be a good addition during cycle and tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex) would be fine for PCT at W1:40mg/d W2:40mg/d W3:20mg/d W4:20mg/d. Clomid is higher dosed than nolvadex and tends to make you overly emotional. One or the other - preferably nolvadex.

I know the typical PCT recommendations, but this is “supposedly” the new and best way to do it, as the other methods are outdated. I have read on so me boards that this new method works great. Thoughts?

The way I mentioned is the new way. HCG was used the way you outline years ago. There has been new research since then. We have discussed this a lot on this board. Do a google search on (because the search feature on this site doesn’t work well) and you can read our past discussions. This is one of the more evolved boards. Take the time and you will see.

Thanks man…yeah I have opted to do hcG during cycle and came across that PCT method in Anabolics 2009, and was just wondering. I have tried some searches on here b4 I posted, and like you said, the search function is pretty frustrating at times. Thanks for the input, I don’t think I can go wrong with hcG during cycle, and Nolva after (this is what I had prepared for all along, and what I purchased.) I am just waiting on hcG, so I may not be able to start it until mid cycle.

HCG from the halfway mark is better than none :wink:

Finished my frontload on Saturday.

I feel like a straight beast in the gym. Strength is exploding, and I am filling out, and still lean. Vascularity has increased as well. I started the cycle at 175ish, and now I am about 182 when I woke up this morning. My diet is still perfect, and I can’t wait to get back in the gym everyday.

Also, I wanna hump my girlfriend every hour of the day. I just thought I had a high sex drive before, haha.

185 this morning.

The gf is really starting to notice, which is cool b/c she hardly ever notices any changes. I don’t look bloated [yet], but rather lean and significantly bigger. I know it is glycogen and water, but still. Its nice to see it working. My strength is skyrocketing, and I think a 400 bench may be here in a couple weeks.

Can’t wait to my next dose today, and as everyday, can’t wait to get in the gym. Time to rock some deadlifts.

Still pretty lean and vascular…especially considering I am bulking and taking in about 4000 cals a day. Looking significantly bigger, and I seem to set PRs every day in the gym.

I’ll probably bump my carbs up a little this week to raise my total calories since I seem to be steadily gaining.

Don’t push it too hard in the gym, it is very easy to get injured while on cycle.
If your libido is too much to handle, you can decrease your Adex slightly to allow more estrogen conversion. It should blunt your sex drive a little. I found tbol tend to have an positive effect on libido too.

[quote]mephistopheles wrote:
Don’t push it too hard in the gym, it is very easy to get injured while on cycle.
If your libido is too much to handle, you can decrease your Adex slightly to allow more estrogen conversion. It should blunt your sex drive a little. I found tbol tend to have an positive effect on libido too. [/quote]

Thanks man. I haven’t even tried to go too heavy and max out, or anything. It is very tempting, but I am sticking to around 6 reps on power movements, and then supersets and drop sets on other things. It is weird not to ever be sore anymore. Especially after a heavy leg day!

My libido is not too awful bad, but man can I have become a machine!! I started a lil high on Adex in the beginning just to be sure…I have slowly went down to the minimum dose. I think I can tell the Tbol is kicking in. Seems like everything is starting to click.

Whats your diet like? Do you get your 4000cals from all good food? Do you use any suppliments other than whey protien?

Your cycle sounds great, hope your progress continues!:wink:

Thanks. Anywhere from 3700-4100 cals usually, and this all comes from good foods. The supplements I use right now are BCAA’s, a cheap multi, fish oil.

I am extremely strict on my diet, but on the weekends tend to eat what I want, even though I usually only end up eating a couple of cheat meals. I have never been this strict on a bulk, but I am loving the results.

Pin day today!

Keep the updates coming along!

189.2 this morning. (My weight suffered a little drop due to illness, but it has bounced back.)

People are really noticing my exploding strength, and the way my body has been transforming. I am absolutely loving my recovery time. I can straight blast a muscle and usually expect to be sore, but now the next day I experience absolutely no soreness.

Everything that I thought was pretty strong, just took it to a whole new level.

Absolutely no soreness? I would be training with a higher intensity then… :wink: