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Finally the Media GetI Right!


Please don't think I'm trolling, I'm not. I just thought this was important enough to post..

Finally a media report from a well respected sport's media outlet revealing the truth we've all known about steroids. Check it out here www.elitefitness.com/articledata/ hbosteroids/HBO-Real-Sports-steroid-special.avi



Not a bad article. It just too bad the negative press cannot and will not be reversed.
Ive always said that governments are too busy play politics than puting their money to good use. In canada we have a huge gun problem yet the cops decided that busting a DVD duplication ring in toronto was more important than gangs.
Not much to do with AAS but it goes to show how governments can quickly get their priorities messed up when something becomes the public eye.


Good article. Shame it'll do nothing to calm the hysterical, hippocritical, self-serving idiots who run government.

LOL, why did you give yourself the tag "Assbuster"? Actually I'm not sure I want to know;-)


What program yall use to view it?


I use VLC (freeware) on my Mac. If your using a PC you may have to download an XviD codec. You can download the codec from


Hope that helps.



Kool got that somewhere on my hd