Finally the (Customed) Rack Arrived!

just coming back from my ware-house gym,mounted the (ben grimm) orange painted thing,
50’ inside room,50’ long,6’2’’ height,
1’1 bars,inside rooms between the bars= 28’
pins etc etc,
my (certified) hammersmith buddy and me decided to cut it in 4 pieces (the base is welded,so the 4 bars,just the upper/chin bar is screwed),put it into the pick-up and just mounted the orange stuff in 5’ minutes,just 12 BIG bolts&nuts :slight_smile:
when I said to Tony “can the chin bar suppport my weight?” we both grabbed the bar hanging,no bending at all

rack total cost; 120$/92 euros plus a sea fruits/squid dinner for my good buddy

tomorrow send pics

PS; love to do incline barbell press,no more pain in the ass using heavy dbs,ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


towers welded attachements

safety bars

[quote]buzza wrote:
safety bars[/quote]

chin bar

towers (welded)

[quote]buzza wrote:
towers (welded)[/quote]