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Finally Testing!


Okay, guys, its finally here. I've been training to teach krav maga since last October. Two tests have come & gone & I haven't been allowed to attend, and I was told, "You're not ready. We don't send people to the test to fail. We send them to get the highest score in the class."

A couple of days ago the owner of my school walked up to me with a smile & said, "I just signed you to up to test, you're going, so get ready."

Yikes! This will be 8 hours a day for 7 consecutive days of bang bang bang. I'm confident in my mastery of technique & my ability to teach, but I'm worried about my physical ability to make it through 7 days of this kind of punishment. I'm determined to be successful, but I want to have all my bases covered so...

I would really appreciate any advice y'all have to give!!

(The test is June 8-14)


Best of luck with it....


Just ensure to bring gallons of water with you!...recently did a day-long seminar in Keysi, and underestimated how much fluid i would go through.
Apart from that it comes down to that very difficult concept of trying to impress, pushing yourself, while also trying to pace yourself for the rest of the testing....

Again, best of luck....


Thanks, Rock27!


where will you be testing?


Anyone else get turned on by "This will be 8 hours a day for 7 consecutive days of bang bang bang"

JK, :slight_smile: best of luck!!!

Gatorade and caffeine pills... that's how I roll... But as mentioned previously get your fluids that will be the most important part. You already seem tough enough that you don't need the Rocky III speech... "THERE IS NO TOMORROW!


and dont forget the carbs!
You will need a huge load of simple and complex carbs the hole week.

Good luck, Miss Parker!


Steve Maxwell's Spartan 300 workout is a great DVD to get you in good shape. Run some hills aswell, you've got enough time to get in shape. Watch your diet aswell.


San Antonio

Thanks so much for the advice guys, & I'll definitely track down that Spartan dvd.


Congratulations Miss P! As others have stated before; lots of water and carbs during the week and 24 hours before you start. Surge recovery (1 scoop per serving)1 serving every 2-3 hours will definitely help. Also a 2 scoop serving at the end of each day. Try some Power Drive also leading up to test day and see if it helps (concentration).

Train like you will test; in other words if the testing is short intervals of intense exertion followed by somewhat sedentary (waiting on others to do their skills test) try to incorporate some intervals training. This is some tough training but I think you will also like the body comp changes you will experience! Search "HIIT" on this site (under articles) for some programming suggestions.
Good luck and be confident!



teaching is great, you are going to love it.
Youll be fine, you train hard...your going to to do great.

I would also add ice- getting plenty of ice
to help recoupe.

good luck



Thanks, guys. I knew I could count on y'all.


Good Luck Miss Parker...A couple of guys from my School are going to California to test in June. They test at the KMWW center in, I think, Sherman Oaks, CA.

I guess you should just keep training like you do in class now, but longer. Talk to your instructor, he/she had to have gone through it too.

Let us know how you do.


OOh, nice, I wish I could train in Sherman Oaks. Some of their instructors are flying out to San Antonio to train & test us. Good luck to your friends, as well!