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Finally Starting Bodybuilding


I know that this may completely ridiculous that I am finally starting bodybuilding since I joined around Jan 2008, but for the past three years all throughout high school, I have been doing all the athlete type workouts for football and wrestling. It has been a two day split, so I decided that, for now, I will be doing a five day split. I am pretty excited for this because I finally get to try out my skill at making a program. However, I will not be making my own arm program as they are pretty small, so I will be using this one: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/mountain_dog_arms

I would also like to explain why I am posting this in Bodybuilding. I would like to use this as a log somewhat and ask questions that any can answer. Plus, although I am not new to lifting, I am new to "bodybuilding" in practice. I will also post pictures tomorrow most likely.

For now, my split will be:
Day 1- Shoulders
Day 2- Legs
Day 3- Chest
Day 4- Back
Day 5- Arms

If there is anything you think I really should now, go ahead to comment.


Also, this is going to be high volume. Forgot to mention that.


Please elaborate as to why you think you're doing high volume.


Well, during all my sport specific workouts, each body part was hit by two-four exercises each week. We mainly just focused on getting stronger and more explosive.

What I mean by high volume (at least high volume for me), is going up to 6 or 7 exercises on some body parts. For example: I used to only work biceps twice a week with one exercise per day. Now, I will be doing 3-4 exercises for biceps, and I will be hitting them much more intensely.

Granted, this may not be high volume for you, but it is for me. For now.




Theres no point in doing 6 exercises for one body part


Cool, just wanted to know what you were thinking. I wouldn't necessarily call that high volume, but it really doesn't matter. I do 3-4 exercises as well ... seems normal enough :wink:


Because you said so?



Why dont you follow a basic BB split.

something like this:

chest: a flatpress variation, a inclinepress variation, a flye variation.

delts: a vertical press, lateral raises and a movement for post-delts.

lats: a vertical pull, a horisontal pull to the hip and pullovers.

quads: a squat variation, a lunge variation and leg ext.

hams: legcurls and romanian-deads.

calves: standing and sitting calves raises.

upperback: deadlift/rackpulls and shrugs.

biceps: barbellcurl and hammercurl.

triceps: dips/close grip bench and a extension.

I cant see why you would need any more than this, but hey thats me.


Is this ^ what you do?


You are still at the point where you should be listening more than talking.

OP, don't take advice from people that a: don't have years of experience, b: have done NOTHING with all the great book learning they have accomplished


to countingbeans.

point taken.



Though I wouldnt say you need to do 6 exercises for a body part, this setup is way off base.

Dont follow this.

OP, I wouldnt say make Arms a prerogative just yet. You say you're arms are small, well if you also new to bodybuilding, im going to guess that the rest of you isnt that big either. Ofc thats not intended to be an insult, it's just normally the situation. If you have to focus somewhere, Focus on your major muscle groups: Your LEGS (big hint there) and your back. If you want to do high volume, sure thats fine, some take that approach. Id probably suggest you implement volume through your Sets/Reps x weight, rather than doing 6+ exercises a muscle. Personally, as i advanced myself, i found that different muscles needed different things- The way i train biceps, Calves, and Hamstrings are all very different approaches. So if nothing else, i say dont limit yourself in how you approach this. Do what you need to do, but be wary of how it affects you, and work WITH your body


I do a lot of exercises at times per bodypart. I also do about 2 working sets for each of those exercises with no warm-ups except on the first exercise. Is that wrong?


Define a lot though. I mean on a legs day i could get up to 5/6 exercises for something like hams if we included compound movements. Then again, id like to believe that we're at a decent level of experience. Ya he's said hes lifted for a couple years before, minus the focus on bodybuilding, but we've seen that before here and the actual product was nothing. Cant really tell a noob to pound out a list of exercises.

It would definitely help to SEE where the OP is.


Exercise order is bad and maybe you need another day for legs. Something like this might help.

Day 1- Chest
Day 2- Back
Day 3- Quads
Day 4- Shoulders
Day 5- Arms
Day 6- Hams & Glutes
w/ 20 mins abs everyday after workout or Abs as Day 7 alone.


My post was sarcastic. My training is perfect for me and I would at this point not be seeking advice from these boards.


Damn. They really need to install sarcasm bots...


Get one of these, they help a lot.


I am about 5'11" and 194. I used to be 205 but down to 191 for wrestling.

My squat WAS 405, but it is lower now due to the weight cutting.
MY bench and clean were 270 and 290 respectively.