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Finally Some Validation...


Jim Wendler-

I don't know how many times this has been re-hashed here but can we finally put this one to rest now?


YES! Which of his writings is that from?


its on the front page.

thanks xen


Shit just got real.


Wisdom right there.


I like this as well. Amazing how some big dumbass powerlifter caught on to this... but every fucking jerk that comes on here looking to "go UFC" can't figure this out!

(And I'm kidding about dumbass powerlifter comment. Wendler is excellent)


Wait a second. Did I miss something awful. Who wasn't treating it like General Physical Prep?



the bulk of this site is for bodybuilding
power lifting and strength training in general

naturally all of the written material
even if it is excellent is geared for that.

lots of people even smart people get hung up on that.

for the most part strength training was always a necessary evil
something you have to make time for but its always time taken away from the matt


That explains the comments about benching in the other thread. I agree with the necessary evil part entirely. It is prep to be able to perform and train technique. Some people might come into the game so out of shape that getting stronger and better cardio NEEDS to be the priority just to make it through a technique session. More always helps, never thought "shit, I would be in much less trouble if I was more tired and weaker", but its easy to hit diminishing returns when the numbers on the barbell are not the whole game.

Thanks for the reply.
Off to the gym. Squatting may not make me a better martial artist, but if I can be shitty at combat and strength sports at least I am well rounded.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.


Wait by GPP he means Getting People Prodigious... right? As in: Getting People Huge. Right?


why did you wait so long to start posting?


Of course. Cannot... accept... epiphany. Must... cling on... to meathead values. Heheh.



I originally registered/joined to order supplements, so I never really tried posting in the forums. Add the fact I don't usually post unless I think I can either add to the discussion, or if I am really interested yet confused. The second one was the case above. Sorry it took so long to reply.


what he's saying is that your posts are GREAT and very refreshing to have someone contribute to the discussion rather than just make a wise ass comment (which have their place of course), denigrate another member, or degrade a discussion into a dick measuring contest (of which I have the biggest I dunno why they bother hah)

So all that is to say... thanks!


My dick is far bigger than yours.

But yea, his posts are great.


Pics or gt... oh wait.


Its' all about the thickness.


RobertA- it is good to get a fresh shot of good perspective.



Hey Xen, why don't you update us all on the credentials of your girlfriend again lol


I spun around in my chair when I read that Wendler article. I swear to God, if one more guy asks me if one armed dumbbell bench will help his punching power... Hooray for common sense.

My girlfriend has a huge dick.


I meant to post this in the other thread, but here is a good response for this topic as well.

This is where I pulled the Wendler quote from in the other thread.