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Finally, Some Good News

It’s been more than a long time coming.

My back is still not 100%. It has improved without a doubt, but still have had several setbacks over the past 3 months. It seems like whenever I go back and try to deadlift, I’m re-tweaking it. So, I’m going very light for a while on deads, and I’m going to work higher rack pulls as well. Hopefully this will work.

On the other hand, my squat is going good right now. Olympic shoes have really helped, and my form is much better in general. For the first time since I’ve been hurt, I decided to work off a high box (2" above parallel?). It ended up well, I hit a VERY easy 455 with belt and light wraps. I know there was at least another 50lbs, but this was a huge jump already and didn’t want to push it too far. Today I am sore, but not in pain. Maybe I am finally making progress? Bodyweight is very low right now on purpose, around 225 or so. My diet has been clean (at least clean for me) and I have been getting cardio done in the mornings.

After October is over, I’ll start trying to put the weight back on again as I continue rehab. I’d really like to start planning a contest, but I am just not at that point right now.

Our crew had a good session as well, my main partner hit 500x5 belt only, it was a sick set. Everyone was hitting big numbers, great to see.

I know this is kinda long winded, but the bottom line was I am just pumped over that squat, and had to tell someone. Hope everyone else got some good training in over the weekend.


Congrats on the squat! Glad your back in starting to feel better! Try hitting those hyper-extensions, they saved my back during rehab.